Suspected Alien Base on the Moon Photograph Leaked


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The launch of the Apollo 17 space mission in December 1972 was the last time that the USA landed humans on the Moon. In fact the safe return of the Apollo 17 mission marked the end of the Apollo Space Programme. Although the Soviets were in the advanced stages of planning to land a Cosmonaut on the Moon, that mission never took place, and for many years after the Apollo missions the USA never sent another manned mission to the Moon. One viewpoint for this is that all 25 of the US astronauts who went to the Moon witnessed UFOs, and advanced technology of extra-terrestrial origin. This contact with a vastly superior civilisation apparently caused a reaction of ‘fear’ in the minds of the US astronauts and NASA was ordered by the US Government to discontinue its plans for further manned flights and not go back to the Moon.

In 1973 NASA started to publish some of its findings from its Moon missions, and it is believed a secret statement was released to officials stating that all 25 US astronauts on the Apollo Programme reported seeing UFOs on the surface of the Moon, or in flight above the surface of the Moon. The former Director of the US Space Programme to the Moon – Dr Wernher von Braun – has gone on record as stating that during his lifetime several Apollo Missions reported contact with UFOs. These objects were monitored because of their presence and unusual activity which appeared extra-terrestrial in nature. This opinion received backing in 1979 when the former Director of NASA Communications Maurice Chatterton also stated that contact between US astronauts and UFOs was ‘normal’ and not unusual. This information (and more like it) has developed into a conspiracy theory that suggests that both the Soviets and the US were prevented from going to the Moon for decades through the fear of conflicting with an alien presence on the Moon that apparently includes not only flying machines, but entire bases for the superior alien technology to be stored, and alien life-forms to live in. This conspiracy theory suggests that there is an alien base (or bases) situated on the dark side of the Moon that is always facing away from the Earth and cannot be monitored or observed by Earth technology. This allows the aliens to study the Earth whilst not being seen themselves. The aliens can safely shelter out of harm’s way and appear and disappear as they please, using the Moon as a platform from which they can make investigations regarding the Earth and its biosphere. UFO researchers state that there are several alien bases on the dark side of the Moon. This year (2014) Japanese astronomers spotted several 500m to 1000m long black objects (that appeared to be ‘Z’ shaped) moving very quickly over the lunar terrain.

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25名宇航员都遇到过月球UFO 1973年,NASA第一次公开了登月任务的一些结果。在一份秘密声明中,NASA称,所有25名参与“阿波罗”登月任务的宇航员都曾在月球上空遭遇过不明飞行物UFO。美国前登月计划负责人韦赫·冯布朗生前称,数次“阿波罗”登月任务都遭到某种地外神秘力量的监控。1979年,美国NASA前通讯主任莫里斯·查特连称,宇航员在月球上空和不明飞行物相遇是一件“平常事”。 月球上的UFO基地,旁边有UFO飞过 恐惧使美苏30年没有再登月 一种阴谋论观点认为,人类所有“载人登月任务”在30年前突然中止,是出于对在月球上存在的外星力量的恐惧。阴谋论者认为,月球是外星智能生物研究地球的最好平台,它距离地球不算太远,并且月球的一面永远面对地球,这意味着外星生物可以安全地栖身在月球的另一面。UFO专家称,月球黑暗的另一面有好几个外星生物基地,今年,日本天文学家就在月球表面拍摄到了好几个500米到1000米长的黑色物体,它们以Z字形的运行轨迹快速穿过月球表面。

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