Chinese Performance Artist Protests Against Eating Dog Meat


Original Chinese Language Article: By Zhou Ying (周颖)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

‘At the time of the cold winter solstice, the dog meat is plump.’ The Chinese have always had the custom of eating dog meat at the winter solstice. In recent years the topic of eating dog meat at the winter solstice has become hotly discussed by the general public in China, many of whom are opposed to eating dog meat and have made their voices heard. As the winter solstice approached this year, the ‘Yi’ family of Guiyang killed a dog at the entrance of their shop. As this happened, the performance artist named Pian Shan Kong stripped naked and placed himself in a dog cage, whilst appealing to everybody not to kill dogs and eat their meat! Although some witnesses were critical – asking why it was that he did not protest about the eating of fish, poultry, pigs and sheep – many others showed open support for his actions.

During the evening of the 19.12.2011, the 40 year-old performance artist from Guiyang – Pian Shan Kong – took off his clothes, and whilst wearing only his underwear, he climbed into the metal cage that just 20 minutes before had housed the dog that had been slaughtered. He assumed a posture like that of a dog, together with a frightened attitude, in the hope that he could inspire compassion and loving kindness in the minds of those watching.

As he climbed into the cage – members of the Guiyang Protection Life Association – immediately gathered around and lifted-up placards asking the people not to eat dog meat. The shop staff who saw this demonstration, stopped the slaughter immediately, cleared away the evidence and closed the shop. Witnesses reported that many local people agreed with Pian Shan Kong’s protest and supported his protest, whilst others thought it was hypocritical because of the focusing of the demonstration only upon the killing and eating of dogs.

Pian Shan Kong has been involved in a number of actions designed to apology on behalf of humanity for cruel behaviour against animals, and inspire others to be kind and considerate to animals. He believes that humanity should cherish all animal life. Last year he built a 5m circular wooden food bowl with two cleavers stuck in the wood. He climbed on top of this structure and kowtowed an apology for humanity’s behaviour toward a group of assembled dogs that were tied-up.

Last year – Pian Shan Kong – began a 3 year project of travelling around all the zoos in China, entering cages and bowing his head to the ground in apology to all the animals. He has already travelled over the southwest of China, including Yunnan, and Sichuan. This includes a visit to Changsha Ecological Zoo where he bowed to tigers, leopards, pythons, and chickens, etc.

Some critics of Pian Shan Kong have asked why he took this opportunity to make his point, and why he does not seem to care about the welfare of other animals. This criticism is based upon some people in China thinking that eating dog meat is acceptable, and that the preservation of ‘life’ should not be extended to include animals or animal rights. Pian Shan Kong disagrees and has replied to this criticism by explaining that when he bows to dogs in apology for humanity’s brutal behaviour toward them, he is in fact bowing out of respect to all animal life. He sincerely hopes that through his behaviour, humanity will change its attitudes toward dogs – and all animals.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

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