General Elecion 2015: My Response to the Duplicitous Liberal Democrats!


Incredibly, and despite their appalling record in government, the duplicitous Liberal Democrats emailed me the following message below, to which I have replied:

Dear Caroline Pidgeon

Thank you for your email.

Please be advised that I, (like many millions of other right-minded people still living in the UK), am of the opinion that the Liberal Democrats are directly responsible for the dismantling of the Welfare State, and the privatisation of the NHS by blatantly abandoning LibDem principles, and in so doing, betraying LibDems voters, simply to facilitate the fascist policies of a far-rightwing Tory administration. This was done simply because the LibDems wanted to be part of the Tory government apparatus, despite the fact that Nick Clegg only ever played second fiddle to David Cameron. The Liberal Democrats have blood on their hands through the vicious benefits cuts they supported and condoned, which have led to the death of at least 10,000 Disabled People in the UK, and the terrible impoverishment of millions of others. Of course, as the NHS has been sold off to the American profiteers, UK citizens nolonger have the facilities to ensure their lifelong health and safety.

I am glad that the LibDems were wiped out at the polls and have become little more than a bigoted minority party that will hopefully soon disappear from the political map of the UK. I would advise you that the last thing London needs is Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly – indeed, we – the right-minded people of the UK – must fight hard to prevent this. Why? Because a weak Liberal Democrat Party is good for the health of the nation, as they should never again be allowed anywhere near political office. A vote against the LibDems is a vote for life!

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

Sutton – South London


( 11.5.15 – 1803)

Join the fightback for liberal values

Dear Adrian,

Last Thursday was the most difficult of nights. Not just for the Liberal Democrats, but also for all of us who believe that hope is much more powerful than fear.

Last Thursday the politics of fear beat the politics of hope, and that hurts.

The Liberal Democrats are down, but we’re not out. We’re starting our fightback today and I’m asking you to be part of it.

Adrian, since polls closed over 5000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats because they believe that there is a better way. Will you join them?

Adrian nothing could show just how much Britain needs a strong, liberal party than Theresa May’s announcement that she will immediately be introducing the snoopers charter, giving the state unprecedented power to monitor your personal communications.

Those of us who believe in the values of liberty, community and individual freedom must stand together. Please join us today and be part of our future.

Thank You


Caroline Pidgeon

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly

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