General Election 2015: The Struggle Continues

The struggle continues just as it did before. It repeats in cycles of highs and lows, and we as individuals and groups – what I call the resistance to the rightwing – must gather in our energy and regroup around common political values and spiritual ideals. There have been many victories for the Left in this General Election, but we could not oust the Tories from Number 10. The TUSC stood candidates all over the UK and as a fledgling party – gathered a respectable number of votes. This is the start of a political movement on the Left that seeks to fill the void created by the Labour Party’s permanent lurch to the right. The NHAP served as a shot across the bows of the Tory juggernaut as it appears to plough unconcerned through the choppy waters of austerity. The Greens did not increase their number of MP’s, but they did retain their Parliamentary seat in Brighton. The CPB stood 9 candidates in some of the most deprived areas of the UK hit the hardest by the Tory cuts, and reminded the rightwing establishment that the British workers maybe permanently excluded from the middle class dominated media and press, but that they certainly have not gone away, or ceased to exist. Perhaps the biggest victory is the utter destruction of the fascist UKIP at the polling booths despite widespread support by the BBC and the bus company Stagecoach (which carried UKIP advertising in the Southwest), and Councils such as that found in Torbay, who appear to think that the advertising of a fascist political party is a legitimate form of political behaviour in a civilised society. UKIP returned only 1 MP – a dissident Tory – when they were expecting around 40 seats! The duplicitous Liberal Democrats lost much of their traditional support simply because their support for a far-right Tory administration unleashed a devastation on ordinary British people, the likes of which had not been seen since that initiated by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s! The Labour Party under Tony Blair unleashed the latest rounds of Welfare abolition and NHS privatisation – and showed no intention to reverse any of the Tory cuts if they won the election. The British Left is beginning to wake-up to the fact that the Labour Party nolonger represents their bests interests, but is simply another middle class entity taking care of its own interests. The more the workers are made to unjustly suffer, the nearer the Revolution becomes! All that has happened is that the Labour Party has failed to take power and that the British political Left is learning to stand independently of it. The Left must now fight on to save Welfare and the NHS. Two days ago, the bourgeois were in power – two days later – the bourgeois are still in power! Proletariat – onward to Revolution!

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