Chinese and Tibetan Children Plant ‘Friendship Trees’

China - Tibet Cooperation
China – Tibet Cooperation

Original Chinese Language Article: By China-Tibet Information Network (

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On March the 11th, 2009, Chinese and Tibetan children joined together to plant a number of ‘Friendship Trees’ in the Anju District of Suinang City, which is situated Sichuan province, southwest China. The Chinese students were from the Dong Ch’an Town Central Elementary Primary School, whilst the Tibetan students came from the Wo Long Tibetan Primary School in Wen Chuan County, also situated in Sichuan province. Both groups of students cooperated to plant the tree carefully. After the 5 – 12 earthquake, the teachers and over 200 students of the Wen Chuan County Wo Long Tibetan Primary School, relocated to Suinang City,

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:

《中国西藏新闻网》为人民日报社、西藏日报社共同主办的以新闻报道为主体的门户站。本站支持汉语 ,藏语,和英语版本。(

汉藏小朋友共植“友谊树” 3月11日,四川省遂宁市安居区东禅镇中心小学的学生和来自汶川县卧龙小学的藏族学生一起开展植树活动。“5·12”地震发生后,汶川县卧龙小学200余名藏族师生整体搬迁到遂宁市,藏族小朋友与当地汉族学生结下了深厚友谊。 (图13)

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