Xu Yun’s Gatha (1959)


Xu Yun’s Gatha (1959)

I urge my Dharma friends to think

Deeply and with care about

The karma of birth and death

As silkworms spin their cocoons.

Endless desires and thoughts

Increase all trouble and suffering.

If you would escape from this,

First practice almsgiving and the threefold study

Of wisdom, meditation, discipline,

Then hold firm the four correct thoughts.

Suddenly you awaken and perceive

Clearly that all is like dew and lightning,

You realise that in the absolute

Myriad things have the same substance,

The created and the uncreated

Are like water and its waves.

Master Xu Yun (1840-1959)

!959 – In his 120th year of age.

(Translated by Charles Luk – Empty Cloud Pages 209-210)

請各法侶 深思熟慮 生死循業 如蠶自縛

貪念不休 煩惱益苦 欲除此患 布施為首

淨參三學 堅持四念 一旦豁然 方知露電

悟證真空 萬法一體 無生有生 是波是水

(虛雲和尚年譜 – 鼓山門下弟子順德岑學呂寬賢編輯 – 民國四十八年己亥師一百二十歲)

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