Baltimore Police Brutality


A photograph from the Chinese media regarding the ongoing protests in Baltimore, USA.  Freddie Gray – an African-American – was arrested by Batimore police on April 12th of this year.  When he was put into the back of the police van he was a fit and healthy young man – when he was taken out of the van at the police station – the Chinese article reports that his spine had 80% breakage.  He died whilst in a coma some days later.  Police are public servants who are recruited the general public.  They are paid through the taxation of the very people they ‘police’, and yet throughout the Western world it is obvious that they do the bidding of the middle class.  The UK invented the modern police force in the early 1800’s as a means to protect the minority rich from the majority poor.  The modern police represent the attitudes of the middle class they represent – which, of course, includes racist attitudes, that exist within a broad prejudice against the working class.  Police officers who break the law, should face the legal consequences of their destructive actions, and not be continuously absolved of all blame by the State they protect and serve.

The following Chinese language article includes FBI stats regarding the ethnic breakdown of deaths in police custody in the USA – these stats are in English:  As the police have a vendetta against the working class in general, this may explain the results below – but the ever present ogre of racism must never be discounted.


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