The Buddha’s Closest Family Member – Rahula

Rahula - the Buddha's Son
Rahula – the Buddha’s Son

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Rahula was very naughty as a young child, and would occasionally lie to people, and play tricks on them. The Buddha told many stories to Rahula in an attempt to teach him and through this continuous and patient educational process, Rahula finally developed the strength of character to admit that his behaviour had been incorrect. After realising the extent of his bad behaviour, Rahula felt a sense of shame and disgrace. At one time Rahula used to rush to overtake senior Bhikshus on the way to the toilet. At night he would often go to sleep first, before the elder Bhikshus had settled.  On another occasion, Rahula claimed that bandits had attacked him on the road, and injured his head, but there was no witnesses to this incident. Although Rahula was the Buddha’s son – the Buddha taught that all sentient beings are equal with no difference existing between them whatsoever. Therefore, for the Buddha, there was no difference between Rahula and all sentient beings – and no difference between all sentient beings and Rahula. The Buddha made a point of teaching all beings with equal attention. As a consequence of this effort, Rahula attained Arhatship whilst still in his early twenties.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:

密行第一 —— 罗侯罗


 罗候罗虽然是佛陀的独子,但在佛陀的教法中,众生一律平等,佛陀视众生如罗候罗,视罗候罗如众生。在佛陀的谆谆教诲下,罗候罗于二十出头的年纪就证得阿罗汉果 。


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