If Christ Where Real…

Yeshua Ben Yoseph - Better Known as Jesus Christ
Yeshua Ben Yoseph – Better Known as Jesus Christ

If the Middle eastern man known by his Greek name of ‘Jesus Christ’ (a name he neither knew or would have recognised), was real, then what is required to salvage his tarnished reputation is the abolition of the church that claims to represent his best interests on earth?  Why should this be the case?  Simply because if the teachings of Christ (such as the Sermon on the Mount), are compared with the theology of the established church, they do not match.  At every point that Jesus makes, the church deviates radically in its interpretation.  Jesus states that humanity should not work for profit – the church states that humanity should work for profit.  Jesus states that he does not require an established church – the church obviously disagrees with this.  Jesus renounces war – whilst the church invests its money in weapons research and arms production.  Jesus represents the huddled masses of humanity – whilst the church represents the white middle class. Jesus attempted to overthrow capitalism – whilst the church is firmly committed to its protection.  Jesus did not recognise temporal political power – whilst the church inherently supports the political right.  Jesus fed and cared for the poor – whilst the church produces and protects paedophile priests.  Jesus turned the other cheek – whilst the church confronts dissent with the best layers money can buy.  Jesus did not recognise the power of kings on earth – and yet the church crowns them.  Jesus believed in peace on earth – and yet everywhere the Christian church has travelled, it has brought death and destruction.  Jesus extolled an unqualified love and compassion for the world – whilst the church reduces his teachings to mere intellectualisms of little practicality.  Yes – for Jesus Christ to exist, the world be a better place without the church of men that has defiantly formed around his teachings.  Down with the established church and let love and compassion merge with wisdom to free the world!

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