Dharma Master Zhi Deng Visits Chongqing to Meditate with Everyone

Dharma Master Zhi Deng
Dharma Master Zhi Deng

Original Chinese Language Source Article: Ya’an Buddha-Dharma News Online

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Dharma Master Zhi Deng (智灯法师 – Zhi Deng Fa Shi) is the 51st generation Dharma-Inheritor of the Linji Lineage of Ch’an Buddhism, and is the Abbot of the Yun Feng Ch’an Temple (云峰禅寺 – Yun Feng Ch’an Si), situated Ya’an city (Sichuan province). He is also the President of the Buddhist Association and is a graduate of the Chinese Buddhist Institute with a Buddhist Masters Degree.

Ch’an meditation is an ancient and mysterious spiritual practice method that can bring to a dramatic ad sudden halt to any implicit agitation existent within the thought processes of the mind. Ch’an meditation does this by developing peace and tranquillity in the mind, so that the mind becomes quiet and still! When the mind becomes empty and still, it quietens-down and wisdom manifests.

Dharma Master Zhi Deng of the Yun Feng Ch’an Temple off Ya’an city is the 51st generation Linji Ch’an Lineage inheritor. He is making a visit to Chongqing especially to freely teach the method of traditional Ch’an meditation. He will answer questions about:

1) Exactly what the Ch’an tradition is.

2) How to practice Ch’an Buddhist Meditation.

3) How to create a calm and peaceful mind.

4) How to approach and enter a traditional Ch’an temple for meditation practice.

Time: July 21st, 2013 – Morning: 10:00am – 1230am

Venue: Yubei, Two Rivers Area, New North High School, next to 108 Jintong Road, Anshan Selling House Section (200m behind North High School) Chongqing.

Enquiries Tel: 023—63081555

Free to attend. Gifts to be ceremoniously given away. Places are limited. Hurry to sign up!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.

Original Chinese Language Source Article









地 点:渝北两江新区北大附中旁金童路108号奥山售房部(北大附中后面200米处)


确认出席 ,以短信报名为准:133 6825 6602










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