Dharma Master Da Zhao is Key-note Speaker at Pu An Temple (Gaomi, Shandong)

Chinese Language Source Article: Buddhism Online (26.4.14)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Dharma Master Da Zhao was born in 1972 – and is an expert in Pure Land, Tantra and Ch’an Buddhism – particularly the ‘Yongjia’ lineage. He is one of China’s new generation of highly respected Buddhist monks who is renowned for his compassionate attitude and academic learning. Ch’an Master Yongjia (from the Tang Dynasty) is famous for his ‘Song of Enlightenment’ which has a very Daoist feel to it – and which was translated into English by Charles Luk (1898-1978). ACW 16.12.14


Master Da Zhao Lectures on the ‘True Principles of Buddhism’ at the Pu An Temple


Dharma Master Da Zhao Public Lecture on the True Buddhist Principles which protects the disciples of the Buddha against superstition and losing conviction in the correct Dharma-path.


Around 200 Buddhist monastics and lay disciples gathered at the Pu An Temple from all other Shandong province to hear Dharma Master Da Zhao Lecture on the essential principles of Buddhism

Buddhism Online: On 26.4.14, (or Thursday – the 25th day of the 3rd lunar month by the Chinese calendar) – between 9am – 11am – the Pu An Temple, (situated in the Gaomi area of Shandong), was host to the public lectures entitled the ‘True Principles of Buddhism’. Dharma Master Da Zhao – (the abbot of Miao Guo Temple, situated in Wenzhou), was invited to the Pu An Temple to lecture by its abbot – Dharma Master Qing Yun.   Dharma Master Da Zhao is the Deputy Secretary General of the Shandong province Buddhist Association, as well as the Vice-President of the Wenzhou Buddhist Association.

Dharma Master Da Zhao lectured on the True Principles of Buddhism out of compassion to those with a strong conviction in the Buddha-Dharma, and who had gathered from all over Shandong province to hear his Dharma Words spoken – which fell on them like sweet and refreshing rain. His strong Dharma Words acted as a protection for the disciples of the Buddha, against superstition and losing conviction in the correct Dharma-path. Dharma Master Da Zhao’s Dharma Words were well received and when completed elicited continuous applause of joy and gratitude from the 200 monks and lay-people who had attended from all over Shandong province.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.


山东高密普安寺举办佛教讲座开示 达照法师应邀主讲



安寺僧众以及来自山东各地的信众居士共两百余名现场聆听,欢喜信受佛教在线山东讯 2014年4月24日(农历三月廿五星期四)上午9时至11时,山东高密普安寺举办《佛教的正信》讲座开示,山东省佛教协会副秘书长、温州佛教协会副会长、温州妙果寺住持达照法师应普安寺住持清云法师邀请做主讲。



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