UFO: A Perceptual Exercise


The UFO phenomena is essentially one of perception. Gaps in knowledge leads to the creation of mythology to fill-in the missing data. This process, in and of itself, is not an ‘error’, or a ‘mistake’, but rather evidence of evolution as experienced by the human ‘brain’ and ‘mind’. The ability to speculate and to create a type of knowledge where none previously existed, has enabled humanity to evolve to a high degree. This acknowledgement is not a judgement on, or validity of, the knowledge that has been ‘speculated’, as the process of data sorting is a post-perceptual event.  There is perception, and there is then an over-lay of thought construction that defines and interprets what has ben sensed. For instance, a neutral set of events will be interpreted according to the psychological conditioning of the observer. Belief is a post-perceptual over-lay that projects a particular interpretation onto events as they appear to unfold. The entirety of human experience involves this process, which has seen a refinement of perception that has evolved through religion to science, and that now occupies a post-modern position whereby secularism, science, and certain aspects of religion integrate to form a new and complex perspective. The UFO picture above is a human invention which depicts an event that has never happened. In other words, an artist has created an image based upon imagination and not on an actual event – even if the details portrayed are ‘believed’ to have occurred somewhere else, at some other time. This logical assessment should not be used to suggest that an event like this has never happened – how could such a definite statement be made with complete lack supporting the evidence? – but is rather a simple observation that this picture is not a photograph of an actual event. What then, is being seen here?




Events that have what might be described as a particular ‘frequency’ of manifestation, inevitably invite a certain interpretation that becomes hot-wired into the perceptual system. However, change the manifested frequency – even only slightly – and the ‘certainty’ of what humanity thinks it know falls away completely. Mythology and speculative thinking have evolved as an antidote to the ‘horror’ human beings feel when they are unable to adequately ‘cognise’ their surroundings and experiences. This is because ‘fear’ has been a tremendous force for the evolutionary engine, driving humanity forever onward tin its endless quest to eradicate ‘not knowing’, and ignorance.  Before humanity can speculate about the ‘nature’ of what is being seen, it should first understand the perceptual apparatus with which it is making these key observations.  How can humanity be sure aliens are visiting earth, when the human mind that creates this information remains under appreciated and misunderstood?  It is a curious paradox to consider that alien intelligence might well be looking at a human intelligence that remains essentially ‘unaware’ of the details of its own functionality, but is equally aware that it is being ‘watched’ by a mysterious outside force.  On the face of it, this scenario sounds suspiciously like another form of religious mythology.  Unless proven otherwise, the paranormal appears to be the ‘new’ church, with visiting aliens being synonymous with the return of Christ, etc.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.

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