Qur’anic Dao-Like Wisdom

Qur'an Study in a Kathmandu Mosque, Neoal
Qur’an Study in a Kathmandu Mosque, Nepal

In the creation of the heaven and the earth,

In the cycle of night and day,

In ships that plough the sea, to mankind’s benefit,

In what God causes to descend from the sky of water,

Giving life to the earth, hitherto dead,

And peopling it with all manner of crawling creatures,

In varying the winds and clouds, which run their course

Between sky and earth – In these are signs for people who reflect.

(Qur’an: The Cow 2:164)

Do not consume each other’s wealth in falsehood, nor argue the matter with judges in order to consume a portion of people’s wealth unjustly, knowing well what you are doing.

(Qur’an: The Cow 2:2:188)

A kind word followed by magnanimity is better than charity followed by rudeness.

God is All-Sufficient, All-Forbearing.

(Qur’an: The Cow 2:263)

He grants wisdom to whomever He wills,

And he to whom wisdom is granted has been granted abundant good.

But none remembers except the prudent.

(Qur’an: The Cow 2:269)

Those who believe, do good deeds, perform their prayers and offer alms shall have their reward with their Lord.  No fear shall fall upon them, nor shall they grieve.

(Qur’an: The Cow 2:277)

(Quoted from The Qur’an – Translated into English by Tarif Khalidi)


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