Dharma Realm

Bronze Statue of Hui Neng
Bronze Statue of Hui Neng

Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD

The Dharma Realm is nothing other than the total conscious awareness of arising and passing away of all things. The realised state of the Dharma Realm is an advanced conscious awareness that embraces all that exists (and does not exist), and instantly perceives the root (karmic) causes of all things; whilst being at ‘one’ with the highest and most profound truth  This is nothing short than the achievement of Buddhahood in the world. All of phenomena reflects Buddha-nature, and Buddha-nature exists in (and reflects) all phenomena without exception. This is because the entirety of phenomena arises out of the empty essence of the universal mind. This reality is expressed as ‘all in one – one in all’, as it demonstrates that although everything appears ‘different’ in its diverse manifestation, reality is in fact a ‘unity’ existing within difference. Therefore each individual is capable of realising this unity within diversity by penetrating (and directly perceiving) the profound empty essence that underlies reality (and which binds all things together). The Dharma Realm is the realisation that the entirety of existence is interconnected, and this interconnectedness is premised upon the fact that all things exist (and pass away) with a profound emptiness.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2014.

Extracted from the Original Chinese Language Site:




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