UK Disability – the New Holocaust 2014


The current national government of the UK – the aptly named ‘ConDem Nation’ – has been ideologically committed since coming to power, to the systematic attack of the British working class in general, and its most vulnerable members inparticular. This policy of appeasement to the far-right has specifically targeted British citizens with psychological and physical disabilities and has been carried-out with a clinical precision reminiscent of the Hitlerite Nazi regime it so obviously is emulating. This policy is designed to disempower a minority of citizens who already represent a peripheral and marginalised sub-group within British society, and constitutes a new ‘holocaust’ against those human beings who possess disabilities. The point of this policy is to cut all state support for the disabled, whilst simultaneously pursuing a vicious media campaign premised upon Judeo-Christian ignorance and prejudice, that present disabled individuals and groups as personifying evil incarnate, and representing a punishment from god – through their various issues and needs. This literal and figurative ‘demonisation’ of a group of people with varying abilities, medical issues, and psychological needs, is a manifestation of medieval feudalism, that is conditioned to attack anything that is perceived to be an affront to god.

The British political right – like the church that it supports – although living in modern times, has not evolved beyond this primitive state, and is always seeking new ways to resurrect old policies in new garb. That which is punished by god – so the ignorant think – must not only be attacked, but removed from public sight altogether. This used to mean being brutally tortured and burnt to death on the village green, but today the same effect is achieved in a less dramatic fashion by withdrawing state benefits, housing, medical care, and general support for the disabled, whilst ensuring there is no society-wide sympathy for those with disabilities, manifested by those without. The disabled must be portrayed through the media, (such as the BBC, Channel 4, and Channel 5), as dysfunctional scroungers whose presence in society is the reason the economy does not work. Although some people have non-visible disabilities, and others do not suffer cognitive issues, the fact remains that the most at risk in this vulnerable group are those who possess psychological and cognitive disabilities, and who are not able to comprehend reality to any great extent, or understand the hatred that is being aimed at them by a group of privileged middle class politicians who do not suffer from any disabilities whatsoever.

The phases of exclusion from society are premised upon a mixture of rhetorical terrorism, and frightening practical action. Hitler carried-out his destructive intentions when he came to power without hesitation. He did exactly what he said he would do. The current ConDem government is behaving in exactly the same manner, and distinct phases of their attack on the disabled can be clearly discerned:

1) Rhetorical terrorism – continuously state exactly what is going to happen, and when, across the media of the UK. This creates fear in the minds of those being attacked, and is designed to diminish resistance to the changes.

2) Shut self-help, and charitable groups that offer free help and advice to the disabled by withdrawing state funding. This means that those on the lowest incomes can not afford to access legal advice that was previously given to them without charge. This prevents any legal or procedural resistance to the changes from the intended victims.

3) Under the guise of cutting or reducing all state benefits, specifically target state benefits designed to alleviate the inequality suffered by people with disabilities.

4) Whilst scrapping these benefits – such as Incapacity Benefit – make it a legal requirement that all disabled people must re-apply for a new benefit – such as Employment & Support Alliance.

5) Ensure that the new benefit can only be accessed if the applicant is ‘available for work’. As many people are excluded from the workplace because of their disability, they are left with no state benefit at all.

6) Disregard all medical evidence of disability.

7) Introduce a new measure for deciding if a disabled person is fit for work. This includes the severely mentally disabled (who perhaps have to wear adult nappies, and can not talk), facing an aggressive DWP officer with no medical training, who arbitrarily decides a) is the person really disabled? b) can the person work? Many people with disabilities have been declared ‘fit for work’, despite the fact that no one will employ them, this has included those who are paralysed and can not move, the blind, the terminally ill, the deaf and blind, and those with limbs missing, amongst many other examples.

8) The psychological cruelty associated with this treatment, coupled with a withdrawal of material support, has led to disabled people dying from a mixture of stress and neglect.

9) The demonising of people with disabilities so that there is a frightful increase in the UK of attacks against the disabled by those who view themselves as ‘able-bodied’.

10) Encourage the ghettoisation of people with disabilities, so that their visibility within mainstream society is discouraged and minimised.

The current UK government has put all this in place with a rapidity that suggests many years of planning whilst in political opposition. Once it attained power through a statistical quirk, it instigated this policy – which might be better described as a ‘hate-crime’ – with breathtaking efficiency and disturbing irrationality. This policy attacks without discernment. Those with disabilities can be categorised into three broad groups:

a) Those born with disabilities.

b) Those who develop disabilities through accident or illness.

c) Those who suffer injury through military service.

In 1945 the Labour Party came to power on a Socialist ticket. The instigation of disability related benefits, the blind tax allowance, and employment schemes such as the now defunct Remploy, were all designed to cater for the tens of thousands of ex-servicemen who had suffered disfigurement, loss of limb, loss of eyesight, and a plethora of other debilitating injuries. In the process of these revolutionary changes, those born with disabilities also benefitted from these improvements provided through the Welfare State and the National Health Service. However, much prejudice remained within UK society that prevented disabled people from being integrated into the mainstream. By and large, people with disabilities remained side-lined and reliant upon state benefit. The current ConDem government has ripped away the safety net of the Welfare State and whilst privatising the NHS, does nothing about the prejudice and discrimination disabled people face everyday of their lives. Indeed, the reason the government does not tackle this problem is because it forms many foundational rightwing viewpoints that dictate government policy. People with disabilities are the victims of discrimination and hatred; the attitude of the current government is that the disabled victims of this rightwing ignorance are to blame for the oppression they suffer. In other words, it is the notion of ‘disability’ that is believed to cause the offense – and not the hatred that responds to it. This attitude was displayed by the Sunday Times recently which featured a London academic talking about mental disability as if he were a UKIP or Britain First member having a drink with fellow supporters at the local pub! This kind of inverted mindset has led to a disabled BBC presenter of children’s programmes – Cerrie Burnall – receiving hate-mail from viewers claiming that the fact she has one arm upsets their children, and that the BBC should not have people with disabilities on open display! Why the BBC would release this disturbing information into the public domain is another demonstration of its lurch to the right. A lurch that can only be indicative of the hate-filled climate of prejudice and xenophobia cultivated by the Conservative and Liberal Democratic Parties, as they machete their way through the progressive cultural norms that was once Britain.

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