Moses Wave Man – An Old Tradition in Modern Times


(What follows is an interview with Moses Peter Wave Man of Torquay.  He is well known for standing or sitting by the road-side in Torquay and waving at passing cars and pedestrian – spreading the natural energy that he calls ‘the gift’.  This dialogue took place on the 8th of May, 2012, in an area of between the Torquay seafront and Cockington Meadow – an area (and time of day) that Moses Peter deemed to be optimum in cosmic energy.  He has never officially granted an interview before, and what follows is the first full and detailed account of the spiritual path he follows.  The physical situation that the interview occurred within, as Moses Peter explains, is designed to allow the maximum spiritual energy to permeate through his words and into the mind, body and environment of all those who read the article.  This is part of his spiritual mission and involves the continuous sharing of the positive energy of the universe to every one without exception.  This he refers to as ‘the gift’, and usually does not elaborate beyond this description.  This article is comprised of my extensive, edited notes.  Moses Peter agreed to the interview and read a finished draft of this article – all the views expressed belong to Moses Peter and have not been altered in any way.  SDD.)

Q: I think every one would be very interested in your spiritual path, could you explain its background?

A: The power of the Moon controls the ebb and flow of the oceans of the Earth.  The tides are defined, and the cycles of the minute, hour, day, month and year are set in motion and maintained throughout time.  Water is everywhere, including – to a very large extent – the human body.  The Moon affects not only water distribution in the outer world, but also the direction and quality of water contained within the human body and mind.  Nature exists within the human body, as it does without.  The ability to influence and control water movement has been a part of magical tendencies throughout time that has existed within many different religious traditions – even those that would deny the power of nature.  Every human being requires this most basic of elements if survival is to be maintained.  Water is essential to well-being to an often unrecognised degree.  Drinking water is one obvious way of helping the body, but another is use of the natural cosmic energy that is gathered in the mind of the ‘wyzard’ and directed toward the positive influence of all who come into contact with this cultivated energy.  This energy exists everywhere and is free for all to use, but modern living creates mind sets and body conditions that obscure and do not allow this energy to be perceived clearly.  In the past, it is true that not every one was able to see nature’s energy, but the wise people, that is those who could directly ‘see it’ – the ‘wyzards’ and ‘wyzardesses’ – preserved its secrets and cultivated its presence always for the common good.     

Q: Would you describe what you do as the practicing of tidal-magic?

A: Of course, of course.  In reality magic can not be defined into rigid categories, or limited to a particular definition.  The Moon – with its all-pervading (feminine) energy, asserts its power during the day and the night, although it is only visible during the periods of darkness.  The Moon works in harmony with the Sun, but is often forgotten as an agency of influence in the human realm and physical body.  Although life exists through individual forms, all living form is ultimately linked in essence.  True magic is the exercising of the ability to pass energy from one individual to another, and to allow each individual to become aware of the shared spiritual essence.  The cycles of nature unify and reconcile all differences without necessarily denying those differences.  The ‘wyzard’, whether male or female, possesses the ability to gather, store and pass energy around (and through) other living beings.  The presence of the wyzard is some times enough to allow others to feel happy inside, but usually a method (or spell) is required to facilitate or stimulate the natural forces dormant within others.  Natural energy is passed around and can heal all ailments either physically or emotionally, but its presence allows for others to access their own innate natural energy, so that they can, with practice, develop their own self-sustaining magic technique.  It must be pointed-out that none of this can work in a contrived manner.  Nature’s energy is neither logical nor illogical, but is entirely ‘natural’.  This is its most profound secret.


Q: You have referred to what you do in the past as sharing ‘the gift’, can you elaborate upon what this means?

A: Yes, I can.  Living next to the sea allows me to retain a deep connection with nature through the movement of the Moon.  This connection is the essence of the tidal-magic that works through me.  I do not own it, or create it, but only become one with it through allowing the spiritual essence to permeate through the conditioned ‘everydayness’ that each of us has to exist within.  Any kind of social conditioning can be transcended through allowing the essence of nature to come directly through the layers of conditioning that comprise modern living.  Every one possesses a natural tendency that connects them with nature; all they have to do is discover it through a spiritual journey that has no exact definition.  For instance, hedge-witches understand how herbs, plants and flowers can be used to maintain health and treat diseases – this is their way through – wyzards of tidal-magic make use of the ground, light, air and sea to achieve their task of re-balancing energy in the world.  The world is not just the external world that we are all familiar with, but involves many layers of reality that are all equally valid and important.  Many planes meet at certain geographical points on our physical plane, and these areas, as a consequence, gather tremendous spiritual power.  Where we are today is just one such space where the barriers between planes are very flimsy.  The Moon here, through the tidal movement, triggers the gathering of energy on this plane that allows the other planes to be glimpsed to varying degrees.   Energy ‘here’ on Earth is augmented by energy ‘there’.  Multiple planes of existence meet in a single time and space creating a substantial amount of natural energy.  This energy permeates my mind and body, and through the act of ‘waving’ at others, ‘the gift’ is shared equally to all beings.  The waving of the hand harnesses the natural energy and is a physical representation within the human body of the waves in the ocean – there is no difference to my mind.  All who witness the ‘wave’ immediately receive ‘the gift’ of pure, universal energy that does not discriminate in any way.  This natural energy ‘cleans’ the mind and body and allows for the state ‘happiness’ to manifest.

Q: To what extent does the power of ‘the gift’ extend?  Is there a limit to its power?

A:  Not at all, not at all.  Nature’s energy extends to all living beings and not just human beings, even though its frequency is designed specifically for humans, it also works with animals, plants and all other life forms.  Nature’s energy is kind, loving and full of happiness, despite its ability to create and destroy.  The presence of ‘the gift’ is designed to remove ‘fear’.  Fear often lies at the base of all other negative states of existence.  When fear is removed the goodness within all life is allowed naturally to rise to the surface unhindered.  This goodness then spreads from one being to the next, its influence being dependent upon the strength of the original connection with nature.  The stronger the original connection, the greater the strength of the love unleashed, and the further it will travel through society.  The wyzard must train to be open to nature to the fullest extent.  This is the original connection, without it no energy can be produced, and nothing can be shared.  The wyzard’s task is to cultivate the natural spirit so that he or she becomes a conduit for pure energy.  There can be no ulterior motives in the mind of the wyzard, or the entire process becomes sullied.  The wyzard becomes ‘one’ with nature to the extent that the personality identifies entirely with natural energy.  The physical hand that waves acts very much like the use of a wand that directs (focused) energy in particular directions.  As the energy that I share is universal in nature, I use the waving action of the hand to emit this energy in spiralling patterns that envelop those who come into contact with it.  Therefore, ‘the gift’ has no limits to its power to positively transform all.


Q: How is the power to gather energy achieved?

A:  This really is a mystery that defines explanation.  As the mind must be purified of ulterior motive, the negative aspects associated with individuality must be given-up if the connection with nature’s energy is to be achieved.  This process can take many forms depending upon the individuals concerned – each person will have their own distinct method.  Everyone’s journey is different and unique, but if successful, then certain general achievements can be recognised.  Wiccan practices are comprised of various methods designed to ‘connect’ with nature’s bounty.  Strict definitions do not apply, as nature is not organised in straight lines.

Q: How old are you?  With your long white hair, beard and staff you seem ancient!

A: I am as old as the hills and the hills are as old as nature.  It is best to give-up all these kind of concerns and live in the permanent present free of unnecessary worries and concerns.  Physical age does not correspond with the timelessness of nature.

Q: Some times you are known to discuss the ordinary world, what are your views on every day reality?

A: Every day reality is comprised of many layers of meaning that are by and large ‘unseen’ by the majority of people.  When nature is connected with, a certain wisdom allows these layers to become apparent.  Nature’s energy, in its most powerful and pure manifestation, reveals the truth about every day life, but some times the least said about this the better.  Others should develop this insight so that the reality that they live within can be understood, and if need be changed for the better.  Occasionally, certain people I meet require to be shown certain aspects of their own life, through my sharing of ‘the gift’ – this is why I some times discuss the ordinary world.

Q: What is the essence of ‘the gift’?

A:  Interesting question.  Its essence is peace, love and forgiveness.  It emanates from the heart and mind of those who have realised its presence and is not dependent on any contrived status or understanding.  My wooden staff connects me to the earth and helps me gather the energy.  All can realise it and benefit from it.  What you perceive as ‘a gift’, I perceive as a way of life, nothing more!           

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2013.

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