Socialist Medicine



When people suffer injury or illness it is morally right that they receive the best medical treatment that is available, and that this treatment be universally free for all at the point of use.  It should never be a matter of treatment according to the ability to pay.  The good psychological and physical health of the individual is the responsibility of society – it is a collective responsibility because only through collective responsibility, can the best treatments be made available on the one hand and developed through experimentation on the other.  It is only the group that can afford to fuel the engine of health care within a society with up to date treatments developed through the need to treat and save lives.  Paying for treatment at the point of use makes fools of us all.  It means that only those who can afford suitable treatment can actually be provided with it, whilst those human beings without access to finance are expected to die a slow and painful death.  Those who can afford treatment are no better as individuals than those who can not pay, but are benefitting from being in a prominent position in an unjust and unequal society.  This benefitting is always at the cost of the many so that the few can assume an air of superiority that is only relevant to their bank balance, but never a reflection of the evolved nature of their characters.  Those who exploit others in society make it their life’s ambition to retain class privilege at every turn and ensure that the majority of normal people in society are excluded from what they consider to be the upper echelons of good living.

Socialist medicine treats all people as equal.  This means that regardless of high or low social status the treatment and medicine that is received is of one level – and that this level is the best that a society can collectively muster both intellectually and materially.  There is not one level of care for the rich, and another level of care for the poor – there is only one methodology and that is medicine developed through the application of scientific socialism.  All of humanity’s ailments are a challenge for socialism.  This challenge can and will be medically met.  This is a matter of collective will on the part of the people living in a socialist state.  When the intellect is motivated by what is morally right, this is a much greater source of inspiration than just working for the pursuit of mere personal profit.  For society to evolve beyond the pettiness and greed of capitalism, the motivation that defines human behaviour must move away from selfish ideals and objectives.  Injury or illness is often a traumatic event in an individual’s life that affects all those around.  When it strikes a support network that is non-oppressive must swing into action.  At moments of disease and weakness, the net of socialist medicine must be present to support the entirety of society without exception. 

Terminal illness especially requires this unquestioning support as it is not just the sick individual that needs support but his or her entire family network.  Terminal illness needs to be managed from diagnosis to final outcome – whatever that might entail.  Caring must be present, but also truthfulness.  Medical denial has to be replaced with honesty that empowers an individual.  Furthermore, it must be made clear that illness and injury are not mistakes, as life unfolds as it does, and human beings are prone to all kinds of ailments and injuries.  By uplifting the individual, socialist medicine brings dignity to all human beings.  It is a human right to expect to receive the best medical treatment that is available at the point of use, and not treated like a mere statistic passing through an uncaring medical system that is designed to act as a giant cash-register, sucking any and all money that happens to gravitate near, into its unfathomable depths.  Those with no sense of morality or any modicum of evolved thought will continuously attack the notion of socialist medicine as long as they possess the ability to pay for treatment.  Take that ability to pay away – and they will become the first in the queue for ‘free’ socialist inspired treatment.  This is why the greed and the hatred of the lesser evolved members of society must not be allowed to drag the evolved majority back to a state of lesser psycho-spiritual development.  The emphasis must always be on moving forward for the betterment of the group, so that the best interests of the individual are catered for.

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