The Visionary Nature of the UFO Phenomena.

UFO Oregon 1950

UFO Illinois 1950.

The rounded apparitions repeat themselves over and over again, not only in photographs and films but are also believed to be represented in old works of art and description of unusual historical events.  In many cultures the circle is seen as a representative of completion and perfection.  The Chinese civilisation, for instance, has a very well developed tradition of representing what are considered fundamental truths through rounded imagery and symbolism.  The principle of roundedness appears to represent a deeper reality to the human perception than any other shape.  It is complete because the circular nature is not discontinuous and in and of itself it is non-threatening and is therefore profoundly satisfying, linking simultaneously the religious impulse with that of complete awareness.  The rounded shape is logical and allows the intellect to rest within it without distraction.  The phenomenon of the ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ (UFO) is primarily a visual event.  The other senses, although not entirely dormant in the experience of a UFO event, remain, nevertheless, secondary in nature to the visual stimulation.  A UFO is seen first and foremost through the eyes, and it is this contact that triggers the secondary usage of the other bodily senses.  The image itself may exist in the environment independent of the observer, forming a distinct and verifiable objective event, or it may manifest from the mind of the observer using the eyes as a portal from the inner world of psychological process to that of the outer world of external objects.  Of course, in the strict materialist model of existence, that which is created within the mind is an illusion, a phantom or ghost of the imagination that although may convince the observer that some thing is ‘out there’ in the environment, is in fact projecting psychic content outward that appears to be exiting ‘in front’ of the observer, but which in reality remains a purely mental event which contains no physical content.  Generally speaking, the confirmation of the existence of an external event is verified by the consensus of gathered evidence which relies primarily upon objective fact that is beyond dispute.  Psychic events, on the other hand, are considered by and large not to be recordable and certainly unable to project and create a concrete object into the environment.  This would involve the mind pulling elements together in the external world and creating an object of choice.  Even if this was possible and a UFO could be created by the human mind, it would remain a creation of the mind that produced it and not necessarily a flying craft from another planet.  These quandaries are the product of the human reliance upon material philosophy that views the physical world as separate and distinct from the human mind that perceives it.  It is this distinction that renders the human mind as merely a passive observer of an external world it has no direct control over.  It is true that the human intelligence can manipulate matter for particular ends (such as space travel), but this tends to be the product of accumulated human knowledge (over centuries), and the corporate control of resources.  The individual remains first and foremost the recipient of sense-data and at the
whim of social and natural forces.  The many the UFO phenomenon is a highly spiritualised experience.  This experience does not rely upon or even recognise the materialist interpretation of science or philosophy.  UFO’s are not merely concrete physical objects passing through an external world, nor are they simply imaginations projected into the environment – but rather a far more complete manifestation of a deep multiversal truth that transcends the limited human modes of contemporary thinking and existence.  The effect is simultaneous with the experience of the UFO itself and can not be separated from it.  The rounded UFO image appears to be fulfilling the human requirement for an immediate experience of perfection that represents a higher truth unbounded by the habits human convention.  A translucent multiverse allows all to be seen from any single perspective, and the roundel motif of the archetypal UFO represents a constant that although appearing solid is in fact a visual doorway to other parts of existence which includes differing planes of mental awareness.  The laws of conventional physics do not apply in this situation.  An interesting aspect of this phenomenon is that even forged photographic evidence of UFO’s, regardless of the motivation of the forger, serve the function of bringing together many different aspects of the human psyche and many different planes of existence, to such an extent that it has the affect of healing through the experiencing of wholeness.

All the above photographs are listed as appearing throughout four decades – the late 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, and were taken across theUSA and theUK.  When presented in a montage the shared symbology is obvious and apparent.  Circumstantial differences in the place, time and environment, although interesting are only of a superficial concern when the ‘visionary’ nature of UFO symbolism is being examined.  These differences can be suitably recorded and then filtered out of the analysis.  Simply staring at the four photographs for a number of minutes will let the human mind sieve out the superfluous information and allow for the dominant present archetype to become exclusively manifest.  This process necessarily supersedes even the presence of colour, even if the photographs are in black and white.  Colour, again although useful and interesting in a broader consideration of UFO experience is not, and can not be a defining aspect of a UFO’s presence.  It is the spherical shape of the UFO that is its defining feature.  Every other piece of information within this context becomes secondary in importance to this fact.  This is to say that the study of the UFO phenomena involves the gathering of absolutely any and all information for consideration and analysis – this is a very important area of study for many reasons, the accumulation of which may one day lead to a major breakthrough in a possible human – extraterrestrial interaction, but to gain an understanding about specific aspects requires a concentration only upon the relevant details.  Presence and shape appear to be the base information that suggests a UFO has manifest in the environment.  It is this information that then transforms all accompanying factors toward a higher plane of perceptual awareness.  Nothing is the same again after the moment a UFO manifests in the environment and is perceived through the human sense of vision.  There may, or may not be an associated sound as UFO’s are often reported to be silent.  UFO’s can be still, hanging in the air, or can move at incredible speeds changing angles of flight in ways that should not be usually possible for the speed observed.  UFO’s can be motionless whilst present, or utilise a spinning upon their axis, whether still or moving quickly.  Occasionally a UFO may appear to flicker in and out of perceptual existence, only appear ‘solid’ for a moment or two.  Although the above pictures all share the attribute of air born UFO phenomena, sometimes UFO’s as circular discs have been seen moving through sea water or emerging from the sea into the air.  Appearing and disappearing without suddenly and without warning is a fairly common experience.  Another is that they appear to manifest out of the public gaze in the least public of areas.  Although there have been military reports involving UFO’s – including a sighting upon a military base in the UK – the authorities have been reluctant to share information about these events, even ridiculing those involved as some how being in perceptual error or in dereliction of duty, etc.  It is a similar situation with commercial pilots who are often reluctant to report what they have seen in case their professional judgement becomes subject to scrutiny.  This is the expected response of a culture enthused through with materialist principles.  The presence of UFO’s is a direct threat to the apparent supremacy of the materialist philosophy which is based upon the quantification of matter – as UFO’s – by their very nature can not be quantified and still resist this type of categorisation even today.  Materialist thought that is questioned and threatened with being proven incorrect resorts to the immediate deployment of extensive scepticism and cynicism as a means of bludgeoning a reality that is threatening to burst the seams – back into conformity with the materialist line of thought.  Extensive and over-whelming criticism of any thing that is different allows for the parameters of materialist organised society to remain intact.  Of course this kind of thinking and the society it presumes to protect is nothing but a temporary illusion that appears permanent.  The multiverse does not allow for the many planes of existence to be totally consumed by any one mode of thought, as this would prevent the creativity that lies at the heart of all sentient life.

How does a UFO materialise within the perceptible environment?  The materialist mode of analysis posits three possible explanations.  1) The UFO travels through (materially defined) linear time and space.  It begins its journey from some where else and arrives (i.e. ‘materialises’) at the point of observation.  2)  The UFO is the product of human imagination.  The UFO is conceived within the mind of an individual (or group) and is physically created as a rounded structure, being comprised of materials originating upon this human plane.  This may be a deliberate attempt to deceive, or for some other legitimate activity such as dramatic effect, etc.  3)  The UFO is generated solely within the mind of a single individual, or group of individuals, and although appearing to exist within the surrounding physical environment external to the perceivers, can not be seen by any one else or electronically recorded as being present.  This may be explained as an hallucination generated by an individual, or generated and shared by a group of individuals who are some how bound together.  These three definitions can be extrapolated and extended to include virtually all circumstances surrounding UFO observation.  Although UFO’s are viewed by many as being inter-stellar craft from other planets – possibly carrying alien life forms that have developed a technological culture that is vastly superior to contemporary human scientific achievement – this can not be directly known from just the observation of a spherical object in the sky or sea.  Conversely, such an idea can not be decisively disproven upon the same grounds – a spherical object remains at its core simply a ‘spherical object’ and nothing more can be satisfactorily assumed.  The matter remains open; such is the neutral power of the rounded object to the human mind.  Neutrality as used here implies that the rounded object, although it inspires awe (and some times fear), nevertheless serves as a conduit between the negative and positive force in the multiverse, operating as some thing akin to a ‘zero’ ((i.e. ‘0’) in modern mathematics.  Its presence draws every thing into it without limitation.  It is both ‘alien’ and ‘non-alien’ at exactly the same moment, regardless of its actual origination.  Even a forged UFO can induce this sense of totality within the mind of the unaware observer.  This totality of perception is the product of the observer turned back upon itself and magnified beyond assumed (and normal) perceptual limitations.  A sense of conscious expansion occurs that happens irrespective of the state of mind of the observer.  In this respect, the spherical UFO performs the function of the mandala – an abstract picture found within Asian religion that is designed to reflect various conscious levels of the mind, and to induce these frequencies of heightened perceptual awareness in the individual perceiving the event.  A relatively modest design can appear to contain a potentially vast reality beyond its apparent simplicity.  Of course, this raises issues of philosophical presence and being.  The material model, although definitely useful can not be representative of the whole of reality, but remains limited in scope.  If the world is not actually externally present to the sense organs that detect it, it is interesting to consider that the material model of perception may be severely limited.  A UFO might not appear from another place by following a linear, external flight plan.  If the world is actually comprised of ideas perceived as objective images, hrough its spherical shapethen a UFO, although apparently having followed a flight path could well have simply travelled from one point in a vast multiversal consciousness to another – appearing to physically appear as if out of nowhere.  Conscious matter is matter that is not necessarily solid, but that only appears to be solid.  Moving through time and space does not apply if the strict materialist notion of reality is abandoned in favour of an idealist interpretation.  The UFO appears multiversal because it is a localised presentation of consciousness itself.  Throughits spherical shape, the vastness of existence is condensed into a relatively small area of perception.  The UFO, possibly traversing great distances is in fact moving through the psychic fabric of existence.  The multiverse, as a conscious entity without limit, includes physical matter, but this physical matter is merely a certain frequency of reality within the mind itself.  The personal mind in its ordinary state reflects the UFO in its manifestation – both signify some thing far beyond the limitations of their own particular presentation.  It is multiversal presence in miniature.  Whatever a UFO is or is not, it can seldom be perceived as simply a round shape of little import.  The significance of its presence is often unsettling beyond the realms of reason.  A new reality is beckoning that often threatens the limitations of ordinary life.  Many interpret a UFO as a flying machine from another civilisation.  This is one way for the ordinary human mind to come to terms with the archetypal impulse to seek reality beyond its habitual limitations.  The UFO can not be ‘ordinary’ in any conventional sense.  The human bias is to assume that humanity is the only intelligent life form on the planet, and in the multiverse.  It is more or less a ‘taboo’ subject to assume that a life form could exist any where else other than the planet Earth.  Certain religions have taught for thousands of years that humanity is fashioned in a divine image because it is superior to lesser life forms.  The presence of an alien technology beyond that of humanity’s current level of development seems to represent a secular movement away from religious domination and out of the human bias of singular importance.  UFO’s in the contemporary setting appear to have arrived at a time when theistic religious models are no longer serving their previous functions of explaining virtually everything through the authority of scripture.  Material science, with its specific mode of the interpretation – and consequent limitation of perception- nevertheless has moved humanity away from the reliance upon the authority of scripture and revelation.  It is not that these things have no relevance – they certainly do – but that all religions originally were premised upon an expansive conscious experience that became obscured as the religions spread and became popular – the halo found within Christianity is common inAsiaand signifies the expanded consciousness of an enlightened being.  Like a halo, for instance, the UFO, as a rounded object represents a spiritual completeness.  Carl Jung commented upon this similarity and suggested that humanity, as it moves into the (secular) technological age, was protecting a religious technology upon the rounded objects seen in the sky, but that when assessing various sightings, he said that around 50% appeared to be in the mind only, whilst the other 50%  seemed to be actual physical events.  Jung also commented that the UFO’s did seem to behave as if they were visitors (or strangers), that did not know their way around an unfamiliar place.  A UFO can appear in the physical environment or in the psychological mind – it is interesting to entertain the notion that perhaps these two descriptions represent the same place or point of origin, and that to understand this depends entirely upon where the observer is observing from.

Many legitimate UFO sightings can be explained as fairly ordinary phenomenon that is not unusual or extraterrestrial in nature.  Cloud formations, aeroplanes, tricks of the light, birds, secret military experimentation, and general misinterpretation often are behind UFO manifestation.  Deliberate fraud is behind many others.  But when all the sightings are checked and categorised there are usually a small number that remain unexplained, or that can not be explained to everyone’s satisfaction.  Added to this can be added film and still photography from various NASA space missions.  This is where the analysing skills of material science are very helpful.  Those UFO’s which are explainable are no longer a UFO, but rather an ordinary explained flying object.  This knowledge removes these kinds of sightings from consideration, as well as those objects exposed as bits of cardboard, hub-caps or kites, etc.  Nevertheless, this analytical success should not be allowed to create a bias ‘a priori’ attitude that a true UFO is impossible or improbable.  Good science always allows for the unexpected, and from the philosophical perspective materialist thinking – scientific or otherwise – should not be viewed as the only possible way of viewing existence.  It is also important to remember that science is not beyond the realms of political and financial persuasion, and that sometimes the scientific method in the hands of certain people, can be wrong, immoral or both.  The objective analysis should not distract from the revelatory nature of the UFO encounter regardless of its actual origination.  This encounter is always ‘visionary’ to a certain degree.  This visionary experience can range from a mild sense of euphoria to that of a complete transpersonal experience.  This is essentially a spiritual experience and amounts to the presence of religion without religion.   It is spirituality as yet undefined (and undefiled) by cumbersome concepts.  Both inner and outer space converges upon the physical body of the spherical UFO, so that no dimensional difference can be detected.  The experience of the UFO is a sudden collapse of partial world views into that of complete understanding.  It is a dramatic and unexpected experience, as sudden as it is difficult to explain.  Sometimes the experience stays as a permanent attribute to a persons character, at other times the experience, although extremely memorable, fades virtually as soon as the UFO leaves the ordinary visual range.  Whatever the case there is no doubt that the experience is never forgotten and serves to inform opinion about life and its experiences.  The entanglements that evolve around power in society are often incorporate into the UFO experience.  The UFO presence is so powerfully present that it inspires confidence and bravery in the face of established social order.  In many ways the clash is inevitable between the ordinary person and the limiting structures of established society.  Many assume that the government and the military, as well powerful corporations are in possession of information and technology acquired from downed UFO’s and gathered over many decades.  This even extends to the recovery of alien bodies – either alive or dead.  The denial of this reality by those expected of it only serves to add fuel to the fire as the nature of the denials appear very non-committal and often as illusive as the UFO phenomena itself.  The denials are of such a psychological frequency that they actually serve to encourage the allegations they are designed to annul.  The fact that these social entities spend time on constructing barely credible denials is in itself highly suspicious behaviour and certainly not the kind of response expected for the removal of an apparently untenable allegation.  The denial seems to be designed so that it encourages the perpetuation of the allegation.  From a philosophical perspective it must be assumed that the presence of UFO’s – and the conspiracy theories based upon them – serves a hidden purpose for the authorities who expediently adopt an official denial position that encourages the continued existence of the accusation.  Such is the power of the presence of the spherical UFO.  During the existence of the Soviet Union (1917-1991), Soviet scientists investigating the events surrounding the Tunguska incident that occurred on June the 30th, 1908, considered the possibility that the massive explosion that devastated an 800 square miles of a remote Siberian area was extraterrestrial in nature.  This celestial body apparently exploded in the air aboveTunguska leaving vast forests flatten roughly in the shape of a butterfly’s wings – consistent with what is thought by many to be an airborne explosion of a very large meteorite – although no evidence of this meteorite has been discovered upon the ground during the numerous expeditions mounted to the area.  The explosion was so intense that areas ofEurope remained ‘light’ for weeks afterwards.  Soviet scientists at the time pursued an investigation based upon the observation of matter, drawing whatever conclusions they could from the evidence gathered.  The early expeditions photographed and filmed the devastation, revealing thousands of trees lying like match-sticks upon the ground, all facing in the same direction – indeed the photographs carry a certain disturbing quality – suggesting an almost unimaginable scale to the destruction.  Later, following the advent of the nuclear age, some Soviet scientists started to theorise that the explosion may have been the result of the presence of an alien technology within the area, and that this display of force occurred in a part of the planet that although being geographically large was also sparsely populated.  This does not mean that no one died – as these areas were occupied by the Evenki nomadic people – some of whom survived just beyond the periphery of the explosion itself.  Eye witness reports sound very similar to those of survivors of the atomic bombs dropped onJapan during the last days of WWII.  InTunguska the exact numbers of dead are unknown.  In 1947 – just after the dropping of the atomic bombs, a story emerged (and gradually developed over the years) of an apparent UFO crash in theRoswell area ofNew Mexico,USA.  Although originally involving one alien craft, the story eventually expanded into two or more craft crashing in the area.  This story is augmented by a military press release that stated a UFO had crashed and been recovered by the US military – the next day the story was retracted and the apparently alien UFO was replaced by an innocuous weather balloon.  As the story emerged, developed and was revealed the allegation surfaced that the US military had recovered the bodies (either dead or alive) from the wreckage, and that the weather balloon story was a very rushed and poorly planned cover-story designed to hide the facts from the general public.   This story has expanded as the years have gone by – as if an act religious revelation is unfolding.  He conscious human mind is the obvious conduit for this development of a completely different set of outer circumstances used to meet the highest spiritual yearnings of humanity, but there are parallels with the old religions.  Jesus Christ, for instance, is believed to be the Son of a monotheistic God born into human form.  Despite what might be considered the presence of immense spiritual and physical power, Jesus experiences a life of apparent oppression before being physically killed by the authorities of the time.  This contradiction of immensity and fragility present in a single being seems to be reflected in the Tunguska andRoswell incidents.  It the UFO’s believed to be evident in these incidents are the product of an alien civilisation far more advanced than contemporary human society, and bearing in mind that presumably they must have travelled very far distances to get to this planet, then it is surprising that such an obviously superior physical presence experiences a destruction based upon circumstances it can not control.

The spherical shape of the classic UFO sighting appears to suggest a link through perception to the underlying nature of all things.  The conscious human mind is the conduit for this process.  Perception, whatever it may be, is the two-way portal to expanded understanding.  Linear time and space as defined as the measuring of matter can not be the full philosophical picture that defines existence In its complete form.  Therefore, the assertion of ‘presence’ and non-presence’ is based upon a partiality, or an obscured view of reality.  This dichotomy gives the impression that a UFO ‘travels’ into perceptual awareness, and then ‘travels’ out of perceptual ‘awareness’.  In reality such a situation can not be adequately known as a basis for truth.  Errors occur when definitive statements are formulated based upon such a limited observation.  Alien life has to originate ‘over there’, for it to be unusual ‘over-here’.  However, this may not be the case.  The ‘alien’ and the ‘familiar’ exist side by side, and perhaps even within exactly the same time and space.  The presence or non-presence of an object to the human senses does not necessarily correlate with the notion that the object is ‘here’ one moment, and ‘absent’ the next.  A UFO, therefore, may be:

1)     Present.

2)     Not present.

3)     Both present and not present.

4)     Neither present and not present.

Like Schrödinger’s Cat, the spherical UFO is both present and non-present all at once.  The travelling through external space, from one material base to another, might well turn-out to be an incredibly inefficient and relatively slow method of transportation.  At the moment, outside of the yogic sciences the travelling within inner space remains a mystery or an absurdity.  Certainly space can not be limited to any particular plane of existence, but instead serve as a universal constant within the multiverse.  It is also important to note that the notion of space can not be limited to the mere quantification matter.  In other words, the apparent logical association between ‘space’ and ‘time’ may well not be ultimately correct.  Once space is unencumbered by the materialist association with time (and therefore a specific place), its all-embracing nature can then be fully cognised, understood and utilised by humanity.  If a spherical UFO does represent an as of yet unfamiliar mode of existence involving other unique life-forms, perhaps these life-forms have already realised the totality of space as an independent multiversal reality, and in so doing developed modes of interaction that allows for time to be manipulated outside of its usual association with space, and produce elements of their existence in apparently different realities to their own.  This presence may well manifest on this plane in a very fragile and impermanent manner.  This flimsy manifestation might be an intrinsic value of the mode of travel involved, or a product of human consciousness that is limited to the material realm.  It could of course be a product of both.  The spherical UFO emits a certain complete sense of reality beyond its own manifestation.  This is similar to Mandalbrot’s Set:

There is the presence of an obvious structure that renders its own design immediately redundant through its infinite replication.  It appears to have an actual physical structure, but as perpetuation through change is in operation, the structure becomes transparent and non-existent in its eternality.  The spherical UFO, although appearing in different times and places within the human awareness, represents a continuation of changing manifestation that effectively only appears to be disparate and apart, but is in reality a form of multiversal presence interpreted through the disruptive filter of human perception limited to the measuring of reality through the quantification of matter.  When this hold upon the human consciousness is broken species wide, then a new understanding will emerge and the spherical UFO will become normalised through correct understanding.

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