Email: Modern (US-Controlled) Germany is the Descendant of Nazi Germany (8.12.2020)

East Germany Had an Extensive (Free) Medical System

Dear Gillian

The population of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) enjoyed far greater democratic choice and freedom than anyone living in the capitalist West (who votes once in four or five years), whereas those living within Nazi Germany possessed no democratic freedom at all. The Americans took-over West Germany and acted like a ‘Dictator’ – re-arming the Nazi German War Machine and pointing it ‘Eastward’ once again! The US limited democracy in West Germany because it was afraid of the German population ‘voting in’ a Socialist government sympathetic to the East.

The East Geerman Government ‘Cared’ for the People!


When articles such as the above refer to East German as ‘totalitarian’ – they mean ‘non-bourgeois’ – or ‘controlled by the proletariat’ or ‘working-class’. Just because the bourgeois and its capitalism has been vanquished – it does not logically follow that a genuinely ‘free’ working-class society is ‘totalitarian’. This is the usual wishful thinking and disinformation that the capitalist apologists like to perpetuate. This is why the above new article is a disgusting example of bourgeois ‘false news’. Nazism destroyed Germany, Socialism saved Germany and US capitalism enslaved Germany yet again! 

East German Medical Medal of ’20 Donations of Blood’ (1979)

People thrived in East Germany and died of poverty and illness in West Germany – the latter being the US experimentation with re-ability the (anti-Communist) Nazi German regime. Indeed, the propaganda tone of this AFP article is very much reminiscent of Hitlerite propaganda – whereby an attempt to made to ‘seduce’ Al ill-informed general public that a totalitarian programme (such as the need to vaccinate everyone in a society regardless of their ‘consent’) is in their best interests! The fact that predatory capitalism and the habitual war-mongering of liberal democratic regimes are perpetually committing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity – not only against foreigners but also against their own indigenous populations – is never acknowledged or mentioned.  

East German Stamp (1989) – Warning that ‘Free’ Healthcare Will Come to an End with ‘Unification’!

Modern Germany – with its reunification, resurgence of Neo-Nazism and redistribution of abject poverty – is a sinister place. Not to mention its key position of dominance in the EU. Former SS Officers (who are now elderly) – even if they have been in prison for their crimes – are considered ‘heroes of Germany’ once against – with their free housing and generous State pensions! I have met former East German people and they tell me life is terrible in this ‘new’ Germany with its greed and racism! The East German Communist State would have issued medical care at Street level so ill and vulnerable people didn’t have to go far. But having said that, the Communist State would have locked down properly like China! This new (US-controlled) Germany is a descendant of Nazi Germany and that is nothing to be proud about! 

East Germany – ‘New’ People’s Ambulance!

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