Beware Dishonest Trotskyite Fascists!

Beware of anti-Semitism. Although it is true that banking families such as the Rothschilds have undue influence across the world, this fact should be honestly and objectively studied free of any notion of anti-Jewish racism. Not all bankers are Jewish, and not all Jews support capitalism. A concise criticism of the privately owned international banking system must be free of any notions of racism, if it is to be academically viable. As the documentary makers have blatantly ‘lied’ about International Communism, it is logical to assume that in this more than 3 hour documentary which conveys a bewildering array of information, certain aspects will be wrong, and designed to serve an equally false central narrative. Jews are not the problem – capitalism is.

Soviet Photography and the Presentation of Socialist Reality – Exposing the Trotskyite Work of David King

The ability to perfect the process of recording events in either ‘still’ or ‘moving’ images was elevated to a high science within the Soviet Union. Clarifying old or damaged photographs was a matter of importance with regards to properly recording the historical events that led to the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, and this logical demand generated the development of advanced technology and progressive editing processes. Trotsky was an anti-Bolshevik criminal whose image was quite rightly removed from certain photographs (if the sources can be trusted).

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