Email: Understanding Putin – De-Communization Holds the Key! (27.3.2022)

The problem with this approach is that it legitimises what the US has been doing in the region, justifies the Nazification of those countries surrounding Russia. Predatory capitalism flows unhindered in Neo-Nazi Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (simply because fascism is a friend of capitalism)! All that has been required for the US to assist these countries has been the one-sided ‘De-Communization’ process! A process which has increased in pace in opposition to Russia’s unilateral action in the Ukraine! I suspect that all Putin had to do was come to an agreement behind the scenes with Biden and capitalism could have been enhanced in Ukraine with no death or destruction at all!

De-Communization and De-Nazification in Equal Measure? What is Putin Doing in the Ukraine?

The Red Flag is flying but of course, the modern Russian Military flies this routinely as a ‘battle honour’ and it does not necessarily equate to any political ideology. Eastern Ukraine is not being ‘freed’ in the name of ‘Socialism’ but rather in the name of bland liberal democracy and consumer-led capitalism! In the end, although US-backed Neo-Nazism might be defeated – US-controlled capitalism will still continue in its place – which was, after-all, the intention of the Americans all along! What is interesting is that Russian Forces have been ‘removing’ Monuments dedicated to the Soviet Red Army during WWII under the guise of ‘protecting’ these structures! The thinking being that following ‘discussions’ after the war – a decision will be made as to what will happen to these once sacred objects! It seems to me that there is just as much of a ‘Communication’ going on as a ‘De-Nazification’ – and I am beginning to wonder whether Putin is applying the dictate of US anti-intellectualism that there is no difference between ‘Marxist-Leninism’ and ‘Hitlerism’! Of course, although Hitler inflicted around 41 million casualties upon the Soviets between 1941-1945 – the US Military (according to a recent report) – since 1945-present has inflicted between 20-30 million casualties upon the peoples of the world in pursuit of its socio-economic and military values!  It all seems to be a numbers game!