Exposing Fascism is our Communist Duty – our Stalingrad!

From 1933 to 1939 – Hitler was very much the darling of the West. He was admired by British royalty and respected by the British middle and upper classes (especially Churchill), as well as courted by US big business (IBM assisted in the holocaust from their New York offices providing the Nazi Germans with a cataloguing system that enabled the efficient murder of millions of innocents).

Stanislav Lem [Станислав Лем] (1921-2006) – Soviet SciFi Writer

‘I don’t know of any religion that answers your description. That kind of religion has never been…necessary. If i understand you, and I’m afraid I do, what you have in mind is an evolving god, who develops in the course of time, grows, and keeps increasing in power while remaining aware of his powerlessness. For your god, the divine condition is a situation without a goal. And understanding that, he despairs. But isn’t this despairing god of yours mankind, Kelvin? Is it man you are talking about, and that is a fallacy, not just philosophically but also mystically speaking.’

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