DPRK: The ‘Juche’ Ideology Proves Superior! (11.1.2023)

A Short Clip from a 1990s Video Compiled in North Korea – Celebrating the Extraordinary Abilities of the DPRK Special Forces!

The ‘Supreme Leader’ in the above North Korean Video is ‘Kim Jong Il’ (1941-2011) – the Predecessor (and ‘Father’) of the current ‘Supreme Leader’ – Kim Jong Un! Both have held (and the latter still holds) the post of ‘General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea’ – which is an ‘elected’ post – that is currently inherited within the ‘Kim’ family because that is the ‘will’ of the Korean people. Within Chinese culture, what is seen here, is termed ‘hard’ or ‘external’ qigong. There is a humorous observation circulating in the Korean and Chinese-language forums that states by ‘removing’ the hammer from the wood-working process – a recession-busting reform has been enacted by the Supreme Leader!’ The point is that joking aside – a developing country like North Korea ‘will always find a way to solve every problem’ and its people will eventually prevail no matter what barriers are encountered – or placed in front of them! The prevailing point contained in the ‘Juche’ ideology of ‘self-reliance’ is that the Nation will prevail against all internal and external threats through ‘self-sacrifice’!