Soviet Paratroopers Training! (28.6.20022)

Elite Soviet Paratroops!

The Vanguard of the Marxist-Leninist State would go first into territory controlled by the capitalists and their allies! They were trained in Soviet Systema (often reserved for the equally Elite NKVD) and other martial arts! Between ardeuos and severe physical training, these men (and sometimes women) would study the ideology of Marxist-Leninism under the guidance of Political Commissars!

Советские десантники

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  1. “..Trekonomics ..Karl Marx ..sort ..basic premise ..we’ve conquered scarcity..”: “..What is Communism? ..liberation of the ..class in society which lives ..from the sale of its labor..”: “..USSR, secure, cultured and meaningful lives ..Harpal Brar’s ..Perestroika, the complete collapse of revisionism..”:

    “..When a liberal sees a beggar, he says the system isn’t working. When a Marxist does, he says it is..”: “..rethink everything ..wrong path ..return ..starting point it again ..who is Lenin and what is Leninism..”:


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