What the Far-Right Video ‘Shock’ Sites Are Not Showing

‘Ministry of Security’ (MGB) Special Forces in the People’s Republic of Donetsk – Hunt-Down and Eradicate a Neo-Nazi Insurgency Group Sent from ‘Maidan’ Ukraine!

A lack of general intelligence and an inability to plan in any way beyond the boundaries of the simplistic (but dangerous) ‘Mien Kampf’ marks the far-right. A tremendous amount can be learned from by what it ‘omits’ from its propaganda output, as it can from what this output includes. Shock sites such as the American-based ‘crazyshit’ and ‘theync’ for example, attract the intellectually deficient and the morally moribund. Why does the United States as a supposed civilised country allow thousands of websites like this to broadcast far-right content? It is because much of the content featured is harvested by US intelligence channels and fed to these sites as a means to fuel racist and oppositional attitudes toward non-White people, and countries that pursue different socio-economic systems and policies. The rhetoric and themes are invariably misogynist, ‘racist’ and ‘demeaning’, and always from the stand-point of anti-intellectualism and inverted thinking. Of course, such content targets the ‘left’ – but like everything else these sites do, the definition of the ‘left’ is skewered and bizarre and has nothing to do with the genuine political left. It is a world of dark shadows inhabited by the intellectually deficient and morally bankrupt. These sites are fed a continuous diet of industrial and road accidents, warfare, executions, murders, torture, violence and general inhumanity. Although all of this activity occurs in the US itself, the narrative developed is that this ‘behaviour’ is a mark of racial inferiority and only happens ‘somewhere’ out-there – where US hegemony does not exist! The reality, of course, is that all this content is lifted off the websites of other countries and aired in the US out of context. It replaces exactly the same content that is filmed everyday as happening ‘within’ the United States and demonstrates in reality a broad snapshot of humanity going about its business in many different guises. Th message is clear – what is ‘different’ must be ‘attacked’ and destroyed! White Americans kill one another (and non-White people) continuously – and yet Black and Asian people are presented as the ‘problem within’ – as endemic of an infiltration of White purity that marks the US – by alien forces which should exist ‘out there’ but now exist ‘in here.’ These sites draw a link between America’s ‘non-White’ populations and the ‘non-White’ populations that exist externally to the US. These ‘non-White’ people living in America are as ‘bad’ as those ‘non-White’ people living outside America – and around the entrapped circle of logic goes. What is significant at the moment, is a complete lack of videos from the frontline of Donbass featuring Ukrainian neo-Nazi aggression against the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk! As the People’s Militias Lugansk and Donetsk are video-recording every part of the violence perpetuated by the US-supported neo-Nazi troops of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine – and placing this footage online through various Telegram Channels – it is remarkable this footage is not being beamed around the US far-right websites! Why not? Is it because such footage ‘proves’ completely wrong the US position that ‘no violence is happening that is perpetuated by West Ukraine’ and that the ‘only fighting’ is that being perpetuated by ‘interfering Russian forces’? This omission demonstrates the ‘selective’ nature of the footage that is allowed to be shown on these far-right websites in the US and shows how the content is always supportive of US foreign policy – providing that policy is violent, derisive and destructive!  

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