Moorfields Visit (11.1.2022)

A Typical Side Street in a London Run by a Blairite Mayor!
Gee at the Old Moorfields Entrance

Every eighteen months or so, I attend an eye-monitoring appointment at NHS Moorfields situated not far from the ‘Old Street’ Tube Stop on the Northern Line (Via Bank). Although subsequent Tory, LibDems and Labour governments have conspired to ‘shut-down’ and ‘privatise’ the Socialist ‘National Health Service’ – a core of staff working under third-world conditions (due to the British Tory government starving the institution of finance, resources and technology) – strive to provide a ‘free at the point of use’ service! Indeed, the British taxpayer already funds the NHS many times over and the current crisis of a lack of resources is entirely fabricated and intended to drive a frightened and desperate populace into taking-out ‘private health’. We refuse to do this and continue to make use of the Socialist NHS that is left! What follows is a photographic journey to and from Moorfields – one of the best eye hospitals in the world!

The Blairite Mayor of London has Continued to ‘Gentrify’ the City By Moving the Poor Out and Financing Ridiculous ‘Modern Art’ Type Buildings!
E-Scooters are ‘Banned’ on London Transport! This Will Not be Popular with Clowns!
I Wonder How Many People with a Visual Impairment Can ‘Read’ This Notice?
The ‘Queue’ Outside Moorfields!
Gee in the Queue!
Me in the Queue!
We’re In!
NHS Staff Work for the People and Are the Salt of the Earth!
Comrades Together!
Artwork Displayed on the Wall of Moorfields Hospital!
The Department I Visit Every time at Moorfields!
Rules of Engagement!
Eye-Pressure and Acuity Check!
Retina Scan
Preparing for a ‘Colour’ Photograph of the Retinas!
NHS Staff ‘Positions’ My Eye Correctly for the Retina Photograph – One Eye at a Time!
Colour Photographs of My Retina With ‘Eyelashes’ Evident on Periphery!
Gee Holds My Stuff and Documents My Visit!
The Eyes are ‘Cataract’ Free!
Waiting for the Final Assessment of all the Data!
An Expert NHS Consultation Explains All the Data!
Building On Way Back To Old Street Tube
A Pillar Onside of the Door of the ‘Leysian’ Building Featured Above!
Plaque on the other Pillar of the ‘Leysian’ Building Featured Above
London Life Under the Blairite Mayer – Sadiq Khan!
Tory Britain – Homeless People Sleeping Outside Morden Tube Station – South London!

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