The NHS is Saving ‘Capitalism’ and not the ‘People’ Who Pay for It! (13.12.2021) 

NHS GP Surgeries Are ‘Empty’ in the UK!

The elected British Parliament of ‘adults’ have reduced the survival of the majority of the British public to a ‘Grinch Before Xmas’ scenario! Not only has Pritti Patel remained at her post following being found ‘guilty’ of gross misconduct whit in office, but it has emerged that the Tory Establishment continued to ‘party’ and flout their own oppressive anti-Covid-19 laws during last Xmas! As a privatised NHS sinks into historical and practical obscurity, the majority of NHS GPs have absolutely ‘nothing’ practically do as their GP Surgeries are handed over to the private healthcare provider – ‘Centene’. Yes, most GPs have NOTHING’ to do over than a chosen few remotely operating the ‘psychic’ doctoring telephones-lines which have replaced proper medical care – and which involves compromising the first important tenant of modern medicine that demands the physical inspection of a ‘real’ body linked to an official ‘medical history’ – both of which can be objectively assessed outside of disruptive ‘subjective’ opinion. Furthermore, as it is the ‘rich’ that are scared of Covid-19, the Establishment these bourgeoisie own and control has been modified to protect them whilst oppressing and persecuting the majority or working-class people who pay for the NHS through direct taxation. The Socialistic NHS is ‘fee at the point of use’ – and not ‘free’ as the right-wing and Tory government continuously suggests! GP Surgeries have been closed down and stand ‘empty’ throughout the UK under the guise of ‘preventing’ the spread of Covid-19! 

This is a ‘myth’ and medicalised ‘lie’. The Tories have successfully used the country’s ‘fear’ of contracting and spreading Covid-19 with the ‘closing-down’ of a major frontline facet of the NHS. At no other time could the Tories have achieved this whole-sale shut-down of a major facet of frontline NHS treatment across the UK without eliciting an equal widespread ‘violent’ reaction to this important frontline of medical care that effects the well-being of all our loved ones! If the Tories had dared to shut-down the GP Surgeries at any other time – there would have been widespread civil unrest and protests on the British streets as everyone takes to public spaces ‘demanding’ that GP Surgeries be ‘RE-OPENED’ so that we – as the general public – can continue to receive ongoing medical treatment for existing ailments, developing illnesses and ongoing injury, etc. Although Covid-19 is a very real threat, the reality is that human-beings will continue to have unpredictable bodies that are prone to developing life-threatening illnesses at any time and need to be taken care of!  

The bourgeoise, of course, already possess extensive private health provision, as are attending their local ‘private’ GP Surgery which is continuing to operate outside of the control of the NhS and remains ‘OPEN’ to anyone already paying for private healthcare provision. Sometimes, where ‘private’ and NHS practices share the same premises, the NHS section has been ‘closed-down’ whilst the ‘private’ section is ‘open’ and operating as normal. Yes – mask-wearing GPs are physically ‘seeing’ mask-wearing patients, with the usual hand and fore-arm ‘washing’ regime in operation. Indeed, there is no reason for a GP’s Surgery to spread Covid-19 when all health measures are being properly followed. The point is that it is the ignorance of the British public throughout their everyday lives that is spreading Covid-19 – and not well-organised NHS medical services such as those which continue to operate throughout the country’s hospitals. The Tories and right-wing members of the British Medical Association (BMA) want to see the end of the ‘Socialised’ NHS and its replacement with private health provision – despite NHS GPs already earning a basic salary of around £150,000 a year whilst remaining entitled to a two-week holiday after every six weeks worked!  

We, as tax payers, finance all of the NHS and it is true to say that it belongs to us. However, as our minds and bodies continue to be assailed by various and disparate illnesses, ailments and injuries, etc, despite the Covid-19 risk, we have ‘NOWHERE’ to go for treatment with the GP Surgeries being closed-down! People are left to slowly ‘die’ at home from a myriad of non-diagnosed diseases and ailments, or are forced to present themselves at an already over-stretched ‘Accident & Emergency’ Department at their local NHS Hospital – which has little or no provision to cope due to decades of service-closure and privatisation! For any other ‘sane’ minded political entity, a fully functioning and ‘Socialised’ NHS is the only efficient way to deliver a country-wide medical system that is both efficient and in control of all unexpected happenings and assumed variations. The British media is continuously offering a relentless stream of right-wing NHS officials and staff calling for the general public to ‘support’ the a) ‘closure’, b) ‘shutting-down’ and c) focusing of the resources that are left in the NHS to protecting the already ‘privileged’ middle-classes! We, the working-class are being allowed to pointlessly ‘suffer’ and ‘die’ whilst the Tories continue to close-down our NHS and shift the weight of treatment from the working-class over and toward the middle-classes that are already covered by the private health provision they enjoy! This is just one consequence of the British Establishment assisting the Tory Party in keeping a left-wing Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn out of office!  

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