The Structure of a Dream – and the Formation of a Golden Dragon (金龙 – Jin Long) [7.12.2021]

I Dreamt of a ‘Golden Dragon’ or My Kittens in Disguise…

Dreams appear to be the taking of sensory stimulation of the six senses that ‘import’ the existential (material) images of the material world into the phantastic ‘inner’ structures of the brain-mind nexus. Even when carefully ‘observing’ the external world, this process of replacing material reality with a psychic ‘impression’ is often problematic which is recognised by the legal profession in the West whereby it is understood that a number of ‘witnesses’ to the same crime are unlikely to interpret what they saw in the same or identical manner (hence the collective legal process of attempting to establish the ‘truth’ through cross-referencing multiple interpretations of the same events ‘internalised’ within may minds). An individual mind possesses the remarkable ability to import data from the outside world (through the senses) and ‘re-construct’ the exterior world within much like a picture, photograph or filmed image, etc. Moreover, this evolutionary ability to ‘re-construct’ the exterior world within not only assists human-survival through providing a capacity for human-beings to ‘interpret’ the outer world and make ‘plans’ to manipulate those circumstances, but also provides the human ability to ‘re-construct’ the events of the experienced ‘past’, and to ‘predict’ the as yet ‘unlived’ future. Therefore, the human brain-mind nexus possesses the evolutionary ability to ‘observe’ the present, ‘remember’ the past and ‘speculate’ about the future. 

Dreaming when asleep, appears to be an extension of the functionality of the human mind and its use of sensory impressions of the outside world which are integrated and jumbled to form anything from similar (the different or unfamiliar) interpretations of the outside world, to the experience of the odd and bizarre which manifests in a kaleidoscope of sensory impressions, as well as disturbing’ nightmares and dreams of religious or spiritual import. Today, this capacity for the brain-mind to ‘imagine’ is thought by some to be the foundation of ‘remote viewing; – as if the human mind possesses the ability to ‘see’ over great distances and ‘report’ what is being observed. This is the mistaking of an imaginary process generated in the mind for the material reality of electronic cameras being placed in far-off places and the images recorded being sent back to a computer screen in-front of the ‘viewer’. As none of this is happening in the material world to the individual concerned, and given that said individual is either asleep or heavily relaxed in an isolated and dark room, it can be logically claimed that what is being seen is the ‘power’ of the imaginative capacity of the human mind and the willingness for adults to engage in a type of ‘phantasy play’ whereby they voluntarily (and collectively) ‘suspend’ belief to indulge the ‘phantasy’ that the random firing of neurons in the mind (which create an equally random ‘light-show’ in the interior of the mind) is somehow ‘receiving’ visual ‘broadcasts’ from a place far away!  

Seeing ‘disconnected’ things whilst in a deep state of physical relaxation is akin to the experience of dreams in the sleeping state – although in the latter case ‘dreams’ may be further disconnected from the existential (material) reality than when ‘remote viewing’ in the relaxed (but ‘conscious) state.  Dreams can take-on the imagery of the religious and the spiritual (an extrapolation of the material reality and the cultural norms and history associated with it). This morning (between 2am-4am) I experienced the following dream: 

‘I was with a younger female (woman). Through the act or process of ‘smelting’ (this part of the dream is a little unclear) a globule of molten hot metal is formed which turns-out to be ‘alive’ in the conscious sense. This globule is pulled from deep within a fiery furnace. Although existing on the end of a metal poker, and despite the fact it is glowing ‘white-hot’ and is non-descript in shape – it is making kitten-like noises and is able to move in a ‘throbbing’ manner. When ‘freed’ from the stick – this globule runs along the floor and hides with a metal structure (a rectangular metal box – possibly constructed of cast or wrought-iron). Whilst tucked safely within it adopts a ‘sleeping’ like pose and we are surprised and relieved that it has ‘survived’ the ‘birthing’ process. It sleeps and quietly purrs. Sometime later, we look into the metal box and creature has grown to about one-foot (12” long) and is a ‘dragon’ shaped very much like a sea-horse. Furthermore, it is constructed entirely of gold and is still in the process of ‘cooling-down’. This metal box finally breaks and the dragon emerges slightly unsure of itself. Although still very hot, we place in another (bigger) box after it appears to ‘bond’ with the female who is near me. We place it a rucksack and take it to a college or university where we travel up and down the corridors looking for someone who understands these things. During this time the dragon must remain hidden. My accompanying female partner is recognised and offered lunch or dinner. I then awake.’ 

This dream seems to involve my partner – Gee (adult younger woman) and my two daughters (still children). The furnace is the female womb from where all life originates. The ‘dragon’ appears to be the two ‘new’ kittens we acquired about three months ago – I have always thought sea-horses resemble cats. As the kittens are shaded black and white – the smelting process seems to be ‘soot’ whilst the gold could well be ‘white’ in its colour. Together creating the idea of an industrial process that extracts first a valuable liquid (and then a solid) from the rock and ore, etc. The ‘heat’ is probably their naturally destructive (playful) behaviour which sees them create structural chaos in the environment. The ‘gold’ could further represent that we value all life and appreciate their unique manifestation. Admittedly, this jumble of imagery does closely replicate the medieval descriptions of ‘alchemy’ that are available. The college is probably my daughter’s school within which there will be an ‘end of term’ concert with quasi-religious undertones. The imagination capacity, however, tells us that all this data has nothing to do with our existential lives and is in fact data received from another domain or dimension of being. For many who require an escape from the tyranny or drudgery of the material world – this can be an important device for coping with life ‘existentially’. In this case, the ability to ‘imagine’ all kinds of different and disconnected scenarios because a form of ‘insulation’ from the raw brutality of the indifference toward the suffering of others and oneself.

Free will decides which side of the coin we choose to represent reality. The materialists take the first position of inwardly replicateable outer phenomena – whilst the idealists take the second position of the inner mind quite literally ‘accessing’ data from other places or different dimensions without possessing any physical connection to those locations. It is possible to breakout of this dichotomy of ‘either or’ and occupy a mid-point that a) comprehends and understand the process of material science, and b) simultaneously understand the functionality of the brain-mind nexus and the purpose of its various internal manifestations. To understand the one does not necessarily require the demonisation of the other. Furthermore, if it should ever be proven that the human-mind can ‘sense’ phenomena beyond its existential physical environment, or should technology advance so that ‘implants’ in the brain enable the mind to receive broadcasts ‘at a distance’ from other suitably enhanced minds – then mutual understanding toward both positions may well prove the best position for humanity to take (as such a technology will probably be designed to access and make use of the ‘imagination’ functionality of the mind). If the material interpretation of the dream process is incomplete, then by accepting both sides as being at least ‘viable’ – I open myself physically and psychologically up to another world of transcendental interpretation with an inherent meaning far beyond my present (existential) circumstances! The Chinese interpretation possesses a peculiar mixture of practical world and a hint of spirituality! It is as if the content of a dream are material objects reflected within the divine-sky – but material objects that retain concrete relations with other material objects – a dynamic which generates a direction of travel, an emphasis of purpose or a practical outcome as a consequence:

Appendum: Chinese Dream Interpretation (My English Translation):

What does it mean to dream of a Golden Dragon (金龙 – Jin Long)? 

Dreaming of a Golden Dragon means that someone around you will get promoted and receive boundless riches, and you will gain the trust of others. The dragon is auspicious, a symbol of great good luck and represents the divine abode of the Sages!  

Dreaming of Golden Dragon means that you will get help from noble people in the near future. It heralds good luck in the near future and is a sign of great good fortune. 

Dreaming of a Golden Dragon makes it more advantageous to hold your ground! Today’s situation is obscured by the haze of indecision – which takes time to clear through calmly observing true nature of the situation and whether the situation is good or bad. 

If a man dreams of a Golden Dragon – it indicates that his career is about to take a lucky turn. 

If a woman dreams of a golden dragon – it indicates that a journey will be happy. 







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