Emails: Why Kurds Are Being ‘Difficult’ to Liberate! (27.11.2021)

Dear Gillian

The above article (‘CLICK’ Under Photograph) is the usual bourgeois hypocrisy that swings like a pendulum between demonising and eulogising migrants. Facebook – which does so much to spread and legitimise racism is inserted in this text like some type of arbitrating angel – when the far-right will be using exactly the same Facebook unchecked to celebrate this tragedy and generate more hatred toward non-White people! Google is ‘banning’ (translated) access to Chinese-language articles that clearly report Kurdish Islamo-fascist activities – as the US government is currently portraying these terrorists as ‘victims’ to support their various policy objectives around the globe. Of course, the British Press is doing its part by mindlessly following these non-democratic US dictates. As soon as British bombs started falling on Iraq and Afghanistan an entire new wave of human beings attempting to escape the destruction was created, and as the British government always justltifies its neo-imperialist activity as being in the best interests of the people it is currently killing, obviously those who survive these supposed ‘liberation’ attempts want to try their luck at getting to blighty and setting up camp next to the bomb depots – rather than living where those bombs are dropping! Kurds, of course, are proving a tricky group to ‘liberate’ as many of this ethnic group opposed Saddam’s Arabic Socialism on exactly the same grounds they reject British liberalism – namely that it does not correlate with the preffered Islamo-Fascism the US imported into the area since the 1980s.

Dear Adrian

There is also a little known but very important Israeli angle to the whole Kurdish thing. Hard line Zionists see the Kurds as distant and ancient cousins who will come into the fold of the greater Israel with the destruction of Syria. Of course this is a narrative that has been encouraged by the Americans whose fake Christianity is the work of an Anglo-Irish charlatan, John Nelson Darby. He developed the doctrine of Dispensationalism (which translates into secular terms as American exceptionalism). Dispensationalism works hand in glove with Zionism, both want to bring about the destruction of the world and part of that programme is the unquestioning support of Israel as some god-inspired project for the end times. They have developed a complex mythology (in much the same way that Fascism needed a mythology) to support this programme and if you dare question it and you are labelled a Nazi! It is the reason for the collapse of Lebanon and the demonisation of Hezbolla, Assad and Iran. The Kurds, like the Uyghurs in China have been the recipients of a US backed psy-op to destabilise and undermine the national sovereignty of anything which isn’t a friend of the Anglo-American-Zio hegemony.

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