Email: Elm House – Bill Maloney Interviews Chris Fay (2013)

Dear Gillian

A Chief Social Worker discusses Elm House in Richmond. Social Services were deliberately taking children into ‘Care’ from poorly educated and impoverished working class parents. This happened between the 1960s – 1980s – and involved the SS taking children ‘to order’. There was an international network operating of the houses offering well-known, well-off and celebrity men who like to rape and kill young boys. Anthony Blunt was a son of a vicar and was related to (and protected by) the Queen. in fact this rather inept ‘British double-agent’ was tasked with infiltrating the KGB – but the Soviets knew about him and fed him rubbish data. He was never a member of the KGB – as suggested here and in other misleading narratives (as ‘confirmed’ by the British State ‘rewarding’ him with a high status job after the Soviets ‘exposed’ his rather pathetic attempts at ‘spying‘) – and was never a member of the Communist Party. Indeed, the Queen tasked Thatcher to handle Blunt’s ‘rehabilitation’ in Parliament! All this evidence denies the implications that the ‘Soviets’ were complicit in the this child abuse. Indeed, the USSR brought-in the world’s first anti-paedophile laws in the early 1920s – associating male homosexuality with the perversity of sexual child abuse. Soviet society was morally conservative and parents were always advised never to be amorous in-front of their children as this could stimulate sexual urges too early, etc. As a non-revisionist historian – and considering the political far-right involvement with Elm House – I would be interested in seeing the Soviet intelligence files gathered on this issue. Although Sein Fein and the Labour Party are also involved, these are bourgeois left – but I do believe (and have read confirming documents) the British Trotskyites threw their weight behind the ‘Paedophile Exchange Network’ (PIE) – using the skewed bourgeois-leftist logic which suggested that young children should be granted the ‘right’ to have sex with adults! Cliff Richard (and his boyfriend) are recorded as ‘staying’ at Elm House. the question is ‘why’ and ‘what was he doing’? Was he just using it as a gay-friendly hotel – or was he making use of the ‘facilities’ – as they were called and which is implied in most narratives? Whilst Thatcher was busy destroying British Socialism through the strictures of the far-right (Conservative Party) ‘Monday Club’, members of the ‘Monday Club’ were regularly frequently Elm House (and other purpose-built places), and routinely ‘raping’ children provided by the deficient and highly corrupt ‘Social Services’! The further allegation is that certain children were ‘murdered’ on camera by some of these far-right deficient – with these films presumably still in existence and circumnavigating the globe now on the internet, surely such recordings are ‘evidence’ of the crimes being committed? The British government ‘D-Noticed’ this Social Worker when he went public. 


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