1943: German U-Boat Captain ‘Confederate Flag Just Not Racist Enough!’

Captain Gunther Hermann – Commander of U-Boat 606 (which saw extensive deployment and action in and around the North Atlantic Theatre during WWII) – has been discovered as writing the following entry in the U-Boat ‘log’ which it was his duty to update daily and entirely within his own hand-writing:

‘27.8.1943 – 0100hrs: North Atlantic (exact location redacted). Men in sober spirits following the sinking of U-Boat 505 earlier yesterday afternoon. No one survived and the British Royal Navy took ‘no effective action’ to search for any potential survivors. I discovered an enlisted man with a small ‘Confederate Flag’ adorning the wall of his billet area. This is contraband and contrary to official propaganda sources depicting the Fuhrer and his ‘National Socialist’ message. I had the offending article confiscated and after some historical research, it would appear that the ‘Confederate States of America’ (CSA) [1861-1865] was a liberal-leaning, bourgeois democratic State that in many ways identically reflected the ‘United States of America’ (USA) that it opposed! Given that both version of America were equally ‘racist’ there is no reason to believe that the ideology of the CSA was in anyway supportive or indicative of the fascist ideology as perpetuate by the Fuhrer. I have ordered a ‘political lecture’ for 1400hrs tomorrow in the mess hall so that the enlisted men can learn to distinguish between the ‘pure’ and ‘pristine’ racist ideology of the Fuhrer and the pseudo-racism as perpetuated by the United States! The Fuhrer has explained, time and time again, that ALL inferior races are to be ‘eradicated’ and their presence upon the planet completely wiped from the historical record. Therefore, and as a matter of routine policy, such dalliances with the pseudo-racism of North America is to be IMMEDIATELY countered amongst the enlisted men – but not necessarily in a brutal manner (in the first instance).’

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