Sam George Johnson: Abuse of Elderly Clients at Hadleigh Court Care Home, Tanley Rd, Torquay, South Devon  TQ1 3JZ – Phone: 01803 327694 

My Father – Peter Wyes – Was Struck on the Head by a Female Employee of Hadleigh Court on the 21.9.2021 Using a Bunch of Keys (Photograph Taken 23.9.2021)

The Registered Manager of Hadleigh Court Care Home is ‘Sam Johnson’ – and in recent months he has decided to attack the quality of life of my father – Peter Wyles – which has suffered terribly as a consequence. When my father first moved into Hadleigh Court in 2016, his life was peaceful and by and large tranquil. However, in the last six-months he has been denied access to Wifi and has had his use of his personal mobile ‘phone severely restricted. As his family is spread across Southern England, we were not quite sure why it was that he was no-longer active on the family’s private social media page. It has transpired that this has been a policy of the Manager – ‘Sam Johnson’ – who wants to remove my father from the care home and re-rent his room over-looking the garden to a replacement client charged at the ‘new’ extortionate rates!

Although my father is paralysed down one-side – ‘Sam Johnson’ – has initiated a reign of emotional, psychological and physical terror against my father which has included his deliberate ‘isolation’ from the rest of the family so as to prevent him reporting what is happening to himself inside the care home they are paying for! Sam Johnson has had a sign affixed to the door of my father’s room with the word ‘Evicted’ felt-tipped across it! My father has been subjected to hours of verbal abuse attempting to convince him to ‘agree’ to living the care home – as if it were his own idea! All these incidents are examples of criminal behaviour.

On the 21st of September, 2021, a female member of staff struck my father across the top of his head with a bunch of keys – cutting his head open. When he arrived at the home of my mother two days later – the wound still bleeding and had not been treated or dressed. The taxi-driver (who brought my father) asked to talk to my mother and stated that ‘Sam Johnson’ had spoken to him in the car-park of Hadleigh Court stating that as my father was about to be ‘evicted’ – he did not want the taxi firm picking-up or dropping-off my father in the future (a gross violation of the UK Data Protection Act)! ‘Sam Johnson’ was of the opinion that it was all part of the everyday ‘banter’ between staff and employees that happens all the time in the care homes he manages! What the rest of he UK refers to as ‘assault’ or ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ – ‘Sam Johnson’ refers to as ‘high jinx’! It was only through the insistence of my mother that the local police were eventually contacted – and the member of staff concerned ‘suspended’ pending an internal investigation. Initially, ‘Sam Johnson’ attempted to defend this employee. Whilst the Social Worker known as ‘Maria’ (who works for Torbay Care Trust) – and who should know better – described my father’s injury as a ‘small dent in his head’!

Following the Tory and LibDem privatisation of the NHS and Care System in 2012, vast sections of the previously ‘free at the point use’ care system was ‘sold’ into the unqualified hand of individuals such as ‘Mrs Christina Higgins’ – the actual ‘owner of Hadleigh Court – who, whilst sipping her Martinis in the sun of the Costa del Sol – is apparently oblivious to the fact that the Manager she employs to to run Hadleigh Court (to make profit out of old age) on her behalf, is pursuing a reign of terror against the very cleats who are being forced by the British government to finance her lavish lifestyle!


On Fri, 5 Nov 2021, at 10:26, reviews team wrote:

Dear Adrian

Thank you for taking the time to complete a review for Hadleigh Court. Unfortunately, we are unable to process it further unless we hear back from you to fully authenticate it.

Please CALL US on 01488 684321 selecting Option 1 for the Reviews Team at your earliest convenience, this will be much appreciated. If you would prefer us to call you back please reply to this email with your preferred number and the best time of day to reach you.

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Friday.

Your review comment and ratings are shown below for you to check. (Please be aware that if you included any names or other organisations within your comment they will have been removed.)

My father was recently struck over the head by a female employee of Hadleigh Court – using a bunch of keys to create a wound on the top of his head. Having spoken to the police, I understand that matter is being dealt with, although I reserve the right to take further action should the outcome be unsatisfactory. My father has spent many tranquil years at Hadleigh Court and has proven very popular with the staff. Obviously, I was concerned when a local taxi driver contacted me to say that my father’s ‘privacy’ had been compromised by the Manager of Hadleigh Court, who recommended that a local taxi firm no longer take bookings from my father as he will ‘soon be leaving Hadleigh Court’. This is a clear and serious violation of the Data Protection Act. My father has been threatened with ‘eviction’ for reporting the abuse he has been suffering.

Overall Standard : Very Poor Facilities : Poor Care / Support : Poor Cleanliness : Poor Treated with Dignity : Very Poor Food & Drink : Poor Staff : Poor Activities : Very Poor Management : Very Poor Safety / Security : Very Poor Rooms : Poor Value for Money : Poor

We look forward to receiving your call.

Please note – if you did not submit this review using either one of our Postal Cards or Online via options please let us know so that we can check further as to the source of this review.

Yours Sincerely
Unit 4 Station Yard,
Station Road,
RG17 0DY
Tel: 01488 684321
Fax: 01488 681968

Without Prejudice 

I am forwarding this to the complaints section of the care commission as an example of the corrupt regime now being operated at Hadleigh Court. A copy of this email is also being forwarded to the police and my father’s solicitors. I will also be publishing my damning review of the criminal practices you are allowing and protecting in Hadleigh Court on the Net and throughout the public domain. 

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