My ‘English as a Foreign Language’ (EFL) Diploma – Language 2 Associates – (5.9.1994)

I carried this research as a ‘distance learning’ experience around four to six years before the internet became common-place. I was provided with much of the academic material as part of the initial fee – but was also advised to ‘order’ and ‘check-out’ a number of bocks from the Local Library. This cut the cost of study materials considerably. Not only was I assigned a personal tutor (who communicated with me via the written word), but this tutor would telephone me at a time of my choosing with Language 2 Associates paying for the (usually evening) telephone-calls! As a working-class person, I benefitted enormously from this ‘at a distance’ approach which copied the educational system Marx and Engels who established ‘The Communist Correspondence Committee’ in 1846 – an association of Communist Committees in Brussels, London, Cologne and Paris – with the aim of directly communicating with one another regarding ALL political and ideological events with the aim of organising Socialists of different countries to form a Revolutionary Proletarian Party.

As education was the key to this exchange of information – participating Workers – no matter where they lived – could receive regular updates of developments as well as in-depth explanations as to the ‘history’ and ‘philosophical’ background to these debates. If participating Workers could not read – the data would be sent to a designated ‘reader’ whose job it was to ‘read-out’ the information at a group meeting. etc. Karl Marx, for instance, had studied at Bonn and Berlin Universities, but found that neither represented his true academic leanings. After wwriting a PhD thesis at Berlin University – he decided that he would get nowhere with his central idea that ‘religion’ must submit to ‘philosophy – and so he submitted his thesis to the University of Jena during April, 1941, and passed! This was a University he had never studied at or even attended! This demonstrates that if Workers can take their own education seriously enough, they can, to a certain extent, triumph over the all-dominating Bourgeois System and assist in the laying of the foundation for a world-wide Revolution!

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