Remembering the Archaeological Work of Cynthia Irwin-Williams (1936-1990)

The benchmark for the earliest human habitation within the Americas is being pushed back every so many decades, as human observational and analytical science improves, and suitable finds are brought to light. Whenever I read or hear of the latest generations of Western scientists declare a ‘new’ earliest date – I invariably cast my mind back to the ground-breaking work of Cynthia Irwin-Williams (1936-1990) – a PhD Graduate from Harvard University – who was randomly assigned the project of managing the archaeological dig situated in the ‘Huayetlaco’ area of the Valsequillo Basin  – located near the City of Puebla, (Central) Mexico (commencing in 1962 and continuing in 1964 and 1966). Not only did Cynthia Irwin-Williams manage the site and her staff impeccably, but the standard of her academic work has been proven second-to-none. Simplistic and primitive tools and weapons were discovered in the deep sediment – whilst more sophisticated implements were found in the high levels of the sediments. As all the bone evidence was ‘fossilised’ – carbon-dating could not be carried-out. However, through the analysis of soil constitution, shift and subsidence, volcanic ash origination and distribution, river-bed origination, location direction and course change as well as observable environmental factors, Cynthia Irwin-Williams was forced to conclude by the sheer weight of logical, rational and objective academic evidence , that modern human-beings had occupied this site as early as c. 250,000 years previously. The region in question – (‘Hueyatlaco’) is situated 75 miles Southeast of what is today Mexico City. Evidence of early human habitation abounds in the form of extensive and abundant animal fossils, many of which exhibit signs of butchery for human consumption. This evidence alone led Cynthia Irwin-Williams to describe ‘Hueyatlaco’ as a ‘kill site’ where animals were hunted, killed, butchered and eaten by resident human-beings. During further excavation, Cynthia Irwin-Williams (and her team) discovered numerous stone tools (including bladed ‘weaponry’). These tools ranged from relatively primitive implements (found at a smaller but associated nearby site), to more sophisticated items such as scrapers and double-edged blades (uncovered at the main excavation site). This diversity of tools (constructed from non-local materials) suggested that the region had been inhabited and used by multiple human groupings over a very long and considerable period of time within the archaeological record. None of this human migratory activity could have fitted into the relatively small time-line of human occupation and habitation of the area – assumed to have occurred around c. 15,000 thousand years ago by conventional thought. When Cynthia Irwin-Williams correlated all the available data for the site of ‘Hueyatlaco’ – the latest possible dating she could advance was that modern humans were occupying this site around c. 250,000 years ago! Despite her work and the site being both reviewed and inspected on numerous subsequent occasions – and her work being deemed ‘correct’ in as much as it truthfully reflected the evidence – Cynthia Irwin-Williams was ‘shut-out’ of professional academia (for not toying the ‘Out of Africa’ throry) and ended her days working as a waitress!

The latest ‘conventional’ research regarding early humans in the Americas has pushed back the dating from c. 15000 – the new interpretation of ‘23,000’ years before the current time (Interestingly, one of the initial dates tentatively given for the ‘Hueyatlaco’ site was ‘23,000’ years in the mid-1960s – but even this modest adjustment of the accepted time-line was ‘resisted’ by the male-dominated establishment). Furthermore, the earliest human settlers in the Americans were definitely ‘Asian’ and not ‘European’.  This matters not because one group of human beings is inherently better or superior than another (racism) but because the exact opposite is true. The contrived ideology (and archaeology) of racism is generated by modern (bourgeois) ‘Europeans’ and has attempted to ‘force’ a view of material reality that does not match the available material evidence! Of course, the ‘Out of Africa’ theory is still favoured by European science, despite there being different and alternative theories (such as ‘Out of India’), for example) – and yet even biased science cannot deny the peculiar fact that suggests that the earliest known humans to inhabit the Americas were of ‘Asian’ genetic stock (originating geographically much further away) than the indigenous Europeans who lived nearby! Again, recent DNA studies of indigenous Americans living in the modern America suggests that their ancestors originated in and around Siberia – and not ‘Japan’ as was first thought. Indeed, it is more likely that these Siberian people (such as the Korean-looking ‘Evenki’) migrated southward into China and Japan (populating those areas) as well as Westward across the available landmasses (such as the Baring Straight) into the Western areas of Southern (North) America! 

Modern ‘Russian-Speaking’ Evenki People Share mDNA with the Hakka Chinese People of South China!

Finally, the Chinese part of my family is ‘Hakka’ Chinese. This means they migrated into Southern China from Central China hundreds of years ago, bringing their ‘Northern’ Chinese culture with them. Many assume from this that the cultural origin of the Hakka is from North China and far beyond. When we had our familial (maternal) DNA analysed, it transpired that the DNA of our then Matriarch was indeed directly from Siberia – and that a family of modern day ‘Evenki’ people (down their female line) shared ‘identical’ mDNA with use suggesting a common history despite use both now living thousands of miles apart! (Our Matriarch was born in the New Territories area of Hong Kong – some 2,763 miles Southward of our Evenki relatives)!

It is interesting how subsequent US discourse attempt to ‘hide’ or downplay the misogyny that both Cynthia Irwin-Wallace and her mentor – Hannah Marie Wormington – were treated with by the American system. After the ‘Hueyatlaco’ affair, for instance, and despite her work being proven ‘correct’ time and time again by successive generations attempting to prove ‘wrong’ – Cynthia Irwin-Williams was never allowed to work again in any worthwhile or important academic project (for her refusing to toe the ‘Leaky’ Out of Africa line that had become orthodoxy since 1959)! Furthermore, despite the documentary below stating that ‘scientific co-operation’ was suspended in parts of Siberia due to the ‘Russian Revolution’, it omits to tell you that the United States – together with 13 of its allies – ‘invaded’ Revolutionary Russian with the intention of killing Lenin and destroying the Revolution from 1918 to 1921! This US action triggered the ‘Russian Civil War that killed upwards of ten million Russians – to date the greatest number killed in a civil war! America advocates a more or less continuous anti-Chinese racist rhetoric amongst its people, and its treatment of the so-called ‘Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) is no different in its misinterpretation and disinformation, and yet whilst this supposedly ‘murderous’ and ‘violent’ affair was in progress – Hannah Marie Wormington was seen sedately leading a US expedition into the hinterland of China in search of archaeological evidence of an early human presence in the region.  

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