Tory Britain Celebrates ‘Freedom from Reason’ Day! (21.7.2021)

Follow Medical Science If You Want to Live!

Fascist ideology is a dangerous beast – as the Tory maladministration of the Covid19 emergency in the UK has proven! With over 129,000 men, women and children having died of Covid19 – it is remarkable that the British media has continuously played-down this reality and continuously sought to separate the ‘cause’ (Tory mismanagement and incompetence) from the ‘effect’ (the death-toll continuously rising) as if the former is not responsible for latter! The British electorate – that is those people who are catching, spreading, suffering and dying from Covid19 – keep collectively voting this inept Tory government back into power despite their own personal experiences (and sheer common-sense) telling them a very different story to the mythology being presented by the mainstream media! With hundreds of NHS workers now deceased and tens of thousands off work from illness – the UK is facing a catastrophe engineered by the incumbent Tories which is seeing the health service continued to be privatised (and closed down) at a time when the population needs it the most! Whilst reduced to emergency services as a ‘norm’ due to the cuts – that ‘norm’ is now being stretched itself to its absolute breaking-point with the regular treatment of ordinary ailments being put on hold as the remaining medical resources are diverted to fighting Covid19. Yes – ordinary people with all kinds of medical ailments cannot even acquire a GP appointment – let alone access much needed treatment! The Tories will not give the NHS staff a pay-rise because their intention is to ‘close down’ the NHS and force everyone to take-out US-style medical insurance for use in private hospitals (which cannot be held responsible for medical mistakes, negligence or dereliction of duty, etc). The 21st of July, 2021 is a day that will go down in infamy! This is the day that the fascist Tory party has ‘unlocked’ the UK and abolished the only rules that were stopping the disease from spreading out of control – despite the UK having the highest death-rate in Europe! Stay tuned for millions more being infected and the UK being re-placed back into ‘lockdown’ in te near future!  

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