Thumper: The Tame ‘Squirrel’ – St Nicholas Church Graveyard (Sutton – London) – [13.6.2021]

This Squirrel is the Size of a Stout Cat!

We took our children to feed the pigeons in the graveyard at St Nicholas Church situated in Sitton – a Borough of South London! Apparently, over a thousand years ago there was a Saxon Church on this spot – and before that there was a Pagan Temple – so it seems that people in Britain always thought this area was spiritually important, perhaps a doorway between two-planes of existence. Of course, we do not agree or disagree with this position, but we do appreciate the history and understand that people are entitled to their beliefs. Today, this graveyard has become a public right of way that links the NHS GP Surgery to the Town Centre. This has hundreds of graves dated up until the opening of Sutton Cemetery in the late 1800s. The semi-countrified area is a haven for wildlife! We once rescued two pigeon chicks that had been abandoned by their mother and nursed them to adulthood – perhaps they now live in this area! Whatever the case, the ‘squirrel’ featured in this blog article has lived in the graveyard for many years. We have been away of him for around three-years now – and he is about the size of a small cat. He is ‘stout’, ‘strong’ and has a wonderfully tame disposition! When he is eating sunflower seeds, he sits still and allows humans to gently stroke the top of his head! We call him ‘Thumper’! I used my Huawei Lite mobile phone set for ‘close-up’ pictures! 

The Squirrel and Pigeons Love Sesame Seeds!
Thumper Lives Quite Happily Amongst the Pigeons!
A Friendly Little Fellow!

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