You Might as Well Keep It Gangsta…

The Russian Working-Class – ‘Keeping it Real’ – October, 1917!

Although I admire the raw energy and spontaneous creativity of the Sex Pistols – I was put-off by watching shaven-headed neo-Nazis at one of their UK ‘come-back’ concerts performing straight-armed salutes to the stage – and no one in the group chastising these fascists or even ‘distancing; themselves from such adulation! I suppose that just about sums-up the Anarchist attitude – any convenient port in a storm regardless of political hue! As for myself, as a working-class teenager born and brought-up in the UK – but of historical Chinese (Communist) ethnic import – I found myself relating to the migrant communities throughout Britain and embracing the ‘Revolutionary’ music of the US and British ‘Black’ community. I lived in the alienated world of the ‘White’ working-class, mixing everyday with the non-White people who really defined for me what ‘Britain’ was really all about! Britain was a potential Soviet State and potential landing ground for the Soviet Red Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)!  

Lenin: The ‘Original’ Nigga With Attitude!

NWA – and all of its musical off-shoots – defined the injustice of life for me. This Black Consciousness was far more Revolutionary than the Trotskyite-friendly ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, the latter of which does seem to be much more than a non-descript tag-line to certain ‘nasty’ aspects of the bourgeois, White community! Niggaz With Attitude (NWA) and particularly the music of Ice Cube moved me in the late 1980s – and still profoundly moves me today over thirty-years later! Although we as individuals undoubtedly ‘get old’ – the Revolutionary Spirit stays forever strong and never dies or fades away! Although younger people eventually take our place in the frontline of the Revolutionary movement – we must all strive together to overthrow this stinking and tottering system of predatory capitalism – the sheer evil of which haunts the depths of our scariest dreams!  

The Workers Must ‘Defend’ What is Theirs!

Capitalism must fall and the most Revolutionary aspects of the Black community must ‘wake-up’ from its slumber and carryout a ‘corrective’ measure against the infantile ‘BLM’ movement. Stop the BLM collaboration with Trotskyism and capitalism and like Malcolm X – send out a clear message that Chinese people and Black people are NOT enemies but very dear and close allies who must fight the White tyranny together! The Black community must STOP its attacks upon the Asian community simply because the White community demands it! The White community is playing the Black community for fools and misusing the ‘BLM’ movement to discredit the Black community and turn its Revolutionary activity into a laughing stock for all the world to see! Revolutionary activity gives value to lives and explains why I have travelled the world and ‘fought’ for the Red Flag in many theatres! I will not rest until we are all free! 

We Are All ‘Internationalists’!

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