Email: An Example of Casual Anti-China Racism from Australia (23.4.2021)

Around 31-minutes – Casual Racist (Anti-China) Comment

The above podcast is Australian and deals with the case of Anna Horneshaw who was four-months pregnant when she stabbed her 67-year-old housemate to death in November, 2015 (I think he was born in Yugoslavia). Apparently, he had refused to give her money to buy cigarettes and she went at him with a knife! In 2017 (aged 28) she was found guilty and sentenced to seventeen-years in prison. The above podcast features her mother (a famous author) and her sister discussing Anna’s difficult upbringing and development. Both women blame her outburst on Anna smoking ‘synthetic weed’ – which the mother (Mary K. Pershall) falsely states ‘comes from China’ (around 31-35 minutes). As this sounded like a statement involving ‘casual racism’ against China (as if the CPC would authorise the production of a chemical substance that would hurt humanity) I decided to look-up the history of this drug that I had never heard of. Low and behold it turns-out that ‘synthetic weed’ was developed entirely from within the UK. The article below states:

‘Modern retail synthetic cannabinoids originated in Europe sometime around 2004, They were initially a product of the now defunct UK company Psyche Deli, a company that dabbled in the legal sale of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms for recreational use in the years prior. The Spice “generabrand” and the number of lookalikes it spawned were cheap and convenient substitutes for marijuana – they cost about 30 to 35 US per 3 gram pack, enough for several uses, and could even be bought at a gas stations and convenience stores in some countries.’

I find it interesting just how ‘racist’ Australia is and how natural it is for their population to just give voice to completely false and misleading data just as long as ‘it feels right’ about a certain race of people! This is the very definition of ‘prejudice’ and it is ashame that the tragic story of Anna Hornshaw. By the way, Anna gave birth to a baby boy who is now being bought-up by her sister!

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