Stinger Deployed on ‘Hovering’ Black Man! (22.4.2021)

The Offending Article!

Police are wheeling from yet another allegation of racism following the use of a chained device (designed to blow the tyres of speeding vehicles) to stop a Black man riding a Segway through a busy shopping area in downtown Detroit! A young White police officer said ‘I couldn’t see the wheels to start with and the image of a Black man hovering in mid-air and seemingly coming toward me at break-neck speed was one of the scariest experiences of my life!’ This same officer – Randy Daimond – is seen on body-cam footage drawing his service revolver and shouting ‘Stop floating – put your hands and your feet where I can see them!’ The unnamed victim – later speaking through a lawyer – said that the officer’s instructions did not make any sense! Moments later he was upended and arrested by a traffic cop who had just arrived in the area and had quickly deployed the stinger device! Investigations are on-going. 

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