Exploring Intra-Body Experiences (IBE)

IBE Technology Will Soon Be Common-Place

Astral travelling attracts much attention nowadays, with online instructional courses, descriptive articles and even biographies purporting to convey genuine ‘Out of the Body Experiences’ (OBE). However, modern research trends within cutting-edge medical laboratories are developing the exploratory field of ‘Intra-Body Experiences’ (IBE). The Noetic Institute (in the US) is interested in this new area of research – with Director Niels Gunther – explaining that ‘The distinguishing feature of the IBE (as opposed to the OBE) is that the former has its two theoretical feet firmly planted in the fertile soil of rational science (bypassing the highly contested territory of theology – which is usually the natural domain of the latter).  

IBE: Time to ‘Consciously’ Explore the Throat-Area…

As a consequence, it is the medical fraternity that is steaming ahead with theoretical and practical investigations, as well as publishing peer reviewed papers that provide highly compelling data which suggests a revolution in medical science is just around the corner!’ Mellisa Cartholder – a forensic scientist – added ‘Whereas with OBE the participant’ alleges’ to have experienced an unprovable (mystical) experience involving the individual’s consciousness travelling ‘outside’ of the body – the typical IBE experiment sees an individual scientifically trained to consciously enter the ‘inside’ of their own body – and coherently travel from one designated (anatomical) part to another, accurately reporting the medical conditions encountered.  

IBE: No Theoretical ‘Limit’ to the Depth of Exploration!

With this knowledge an external team of doctors can instruct the individual consciousness to, for instance, travel to the small toe of the right foot – or travel up the right leg to traverse through the right and left hip, etc. The possibilities are endless, particularly when we work out how to empower the travelling consciousness to carry out any needed medical repairs in a non-intrusive manner!’ The announcement of this new technology has led to small demonstrations in the US, however, claiming that this is a product of 5G technology implanted by Communist China to eradicate greed and gun-ownership in America! 

IBE: Observing A Patient ‘Looking Within’

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