USSR: Lesser-Sensory Perception (LSP)

Soviet Archive: Sophisticated LSP Suit

Much is made about the ability of human beings to manifest ‘Extra-Sensory Perception’ (ESP) – or the ability to ‘sense’ data through the medium of ‘mind to mind’ communication (bypassing the need to communicate verbally, visually or through conventional physical behaviour), but virtually nothing is found (in the available literature) regarding the equally fascinating subject of ‘Lesser-Sensory Perception’ (LSP). LSP was flagged by the CIA in the early 1960s – when a Soviet defector stated that the NKVD in the USSR was exercising a policy of ‘politely’ requesting that Soviet citizens ‘volunteer’ for a weekend of physical and psychological pampering at the State’s expense.

USSR: Test Subjects No longer ‘Aware’ They Are ‘Children’!

The purpose of this experiment was to ‘limit’ ordinary human perception to its normal pre-ESP boundaries – and then through a deliberate policy of gentle persuasion – ‘turn’ the ordinary human perception back upon itself (a process known as a ‘perceptual-fold’). When performed properly, this process reduces the IQ of the recipient and takes away any sense of ‘ambition’ and ‘resistance’. For instance, with the sentence ‘the chicken crossed the road’ – an individual operating through a ‘perceptual fold’ will only perceive the word ‘chicken’ and not ‘sense’ that there is a ‘road’ or an ‘action’ being discussed.

USSR: Chinese LSP Test Subject Now ‘Believes’ She is ‘Alone’

The Soviet Government had plans to deliver this weaponised perceptual modification either in gas form (in the ‘air’) – or as ‘drops’ in the water supply of the US and several major European cities. Since that time, however, the West has been trying to catchup and replicate these Soviet achievements – but process has been slow. In a recent ‘freedom of information request’ the US government admitted that it did not possess any ‘evidence’ that LSP a) ‘exists’, or b) has been ‘successful’. According to a Trump spokesperson, when Soviet defectors were debriefed in the US – none of them could remember why they had left the USSR… 

USSR: Sinister ‘Side-Effects’ – This ‘Russian’ Man Now ‘Believes’ He is ‘Chinese’

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