High Court Sides with Zionist Forces in UK!

Jeremy Corbyn was brought-down as the leader of the Labour Party by the State of Israel. This ‘external’ interference in the ‘internal’ affairs of the British State and the British system of Parliamentary democracy has been facilitated by Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of the Zionist ideology living in the UK – many holding British Citizenship. The right-wing political ideologues of Israel achieved their objective of ‘stopping’ Jeremy Corbyn winning an election and as Prime Minister – formally ‘recognising’ Palestine as a ‘State’ with legal rights and protections against the existential and historic acts of military, political and economic terrorism perpetuate against Palestinian men, women and children since 1947 – although the Zionist Jews often carried-out violent acts against the Palestinians (and occupying British Army) before this date. In 1948, Israelis ‘murdered’ a UN Ambassador sent to Palestine to investigate the allegations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity perpetuated by the Western-armed so-called ‘Israeli Defence Force’ (IDF) against the unarmed Palestinian population!  No action was taken against Israel for this murder. 

What the High Court’s decision demonstrates is that the British establishment has closed the door on Jeremy Corbyn and now seeks to throw away the key! The British establishment is of the opinion that if it hinders and prevents Corbyn’s legal team achieving all the usual goals such a legal process usually achieves – then Corbyn will run-out of money and simply ‘give-up’! It would appear that Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour Party was ‘illegal’ and only happened because a small number of Zionist-supporting Labour members facilitated a vocal pro-Israeli faction that was used to perpetuating Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership – a process that was ultimately successful! Due to the illegality of its action, the Labour Party was about to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn – when all of the sudden this order was rescinded by Keir Starmer following communication between the upper echelons of the Labour Party and the Board of Deputies of British Jews – the latter currently supporting Israel’s foreign policies in the UK whilst purportedly being a group of British people.  

A Clear Example of Zionist Racism Committed by the Staff of the Jewish Chronicle!

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