Protecting Hong Kong from Western Racism! (2020)

The irony is that the US UK and EU facilitated and supported the recent riots and terrorist attacks in the Hong Kong region of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in an attempt to overthrow China’s Socialist System. If the PC sent in the PLA and ‘cracked-down’ down on those committing the crimes – the capitalist West would have responded with a rabid media and political offensive accusing China of being a ‘dangerous, militarised State’ that routinely resorts to ‘armed repression’ when confronted by its own rebellious population that is merely attempting to ‘express’ its natural sense of ‘Human Rights’!

The West Killed Millions With Their Diseases When They Spread round the World!

If the PRC responded –as it has done – by emphasising the ‘rule of law’ – the West has responded with a hyped-up campaign of alleged ‘Human Rights’ violations through legislation! Yes – either way the PRC would be ‘demonised’ – that is presented as a nation ‘possessed’ by the devil and all its actions as nothing more than manifested ‘evil’!  

US Media Racism – Covid19 Started in Italy Not China!

This obviously ‘racist’ approach is considered ‘fair comment’ and legitimate ‘reporting’ – when in fact it is nothing but a campaign of orchestrated ‘lying’ justified as being in the ‘best interests’ of Western public interest. Interestingly, there is no equivalent ‘blanket anti-Western racism’ operating within Chinese culture. Chinese children and adults are taught that every human-being is of equal worth and should be respected as a living-being.

How a US Slave-Ship was ‘Stacked’ With African Human-Beings!

This attitude of Socialist compassion is also extended to animal and plant-life, as well as the environment. Indeed, many people in China are vegetarians because of the Buddhist and Daoist religions – with Confucianism advocating respect and understanding for one another! The fake Wester news creates a fairy-tale land of distorted disinformation that is designed to play to all the fears and frustrations that capitalism (and the ignorance of Western religions) imports into the average Western mind.  

US Puppet Governmet In Iraq – Murders Saddam Hussein (30.12.2016)

China under Socialism is misrepresented as a hellish dominion dominated by devils and malignant spirits waiting to steal the souls of anyone who dares to come near!  As a consequence, the Chinese people are not considered properly human – after-all they are part ‘demon’! The hypocritical Christian Church is quite happy with this as it views Marxism as public enemy number one! The Western media presents the Chinese people as inherently ‘cruel’ and terminally ‘stupid’ a public menace that must be destroyed economically, culturally and militarily. The Chinese are ‘sub-human’ according to the Western media who publish fabricated news stories generated by their own governments.

Fascist US President Trump – Racially Attacks ‘Elected’ Non-White Politicians!

This the so-called ‘free press’ of the capitalist West! In fact, the Chinese people are so well developed, wise and humane that as a country, culture and people they never ‘react’ with a counter-racism toward Westerners (and their Black and Asian running-dogs) who spread the ‘dehumanising’ lies that seeks to unduly influence world opinion. The Western working-class must organise effectively, rise-up at the right time and assume control of the means of production! Then, those who have pursued this racist path of misrepresentation can be brought to trial for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity – where China will seek the Death Penalty!  

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