Wyles Family: Battle of Quatre Bras (1815)

British Square Forms Against French ‘Elite’ Chasseur Cavalry (1815)

69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot – Battle of Quatre Bras (1815) 

Dear Diane Wyles (Mum)

I researched the 69th South Lincolnshire Regiment that fought at the Battle of Waterloo – a four-day campaign in Belgium between the British and French 14th – 18th of June, 1815). There was even Black soldiers in the British Army from the British Colonies of the West Indies – although this is not in this particular article. I think Duddington was in South Lincolnshire in 1815 and I wonder if their was any people called ‘Wyles’ in it? I have written elsewhere that our local relatives (George Wyles in particular) was a member of the local malitia in Duddington – perhaps some young men of our family joined the British Army and were at the Battle of Waterloo! Perhaps you can try and find the any lists of recruits for the 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot? It existed from 1756-1881- when it was amagamated with the 41st (Welsh) Regiment to form the ‘Welsh Regiment’.

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