Email: Zuckerberg Name Rejected By Democratic Vote (19.12.2020)

Much of the resistance to this is coming from the diverse Chinese Community who accuse Zuckerberg of being racist toward Mainland China through his Facebook policies, whilst lording it over everyone with his ethnic Chinese wife! The unsettling image is reminiscent of those old black and white photographs featuring a Western Mandarin and his preferred local woman of the moment (who dare not ‘refuse’ his advances). Zuckerberg is a Zionist (an ideology condemned by the UN in 1975 as a form of White Supremacy) who pursues an anti-China policy online.

Zuckerberg’s Name ‘Covered’

This is a matter of wealth Vs virtue – or money Vs ethics, etc. All Zuckerberg did with his $75 million was buy his name to be written above the front door – the local community paid at least $500 million and more through taxation and numerous smaller donations. Their names do not appear on its walls. Furthermore, Zuckerberg is opposed to healthcare being given free to ordinary people at the point of use – and yet is happy to have his name above the door of a hospital that will serve the poor of the area. I know nothing about his partner – although some Chinese people state she should know better than to marry what they term a ‘White’ racist – but if she is born in the US – she probably shares Zuckerberg’s anti-China attitudes. I mean, they must have some things in common to discuss and I doubt she knows much about the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians! Ironically, WHO has confirmed that both China and North Korea have two of the best ‘free to use’ medical systems in the world.

No Place for the Name of ‘Patricia Chan’

The US has one of the worst medical systems which sees people dying from medical neglect all the time (in recent years the UK’s NHS – due to Tory and LibDems privatisation – has seen its status plummet in a ranking system it used to dominate – with WHO describing it as ‘dangerously deficient’ at all levels). This is the US system of inequality that the EU is imposing throughout Europe! I think the Chinese people in San Fransisco are now administering their own affairs and assisting the US system with their own unique Chinese know how.  

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