Email: James Wan’s Next Film? (5.12.2020)

Dear Gillian 

Social Services Report

This is the unusual case (of the young son) of Latoya Ammons – who moved into her home in Gary, Indiana with her three children. These paranormal events were treated with the usual institutional racism that we are used to see, when observing how the US System operates. Only in the US would a family suffering from what is thought to be ‘paranormal’ activity be treated in this manner. I am always on the lookout for objective data to collect and analyse. I have not heard of this story before. It is not that old and interestingly, involves an African-American family that is not particularly religious. A young boy appears to be exhibiting the symptoms of demonic possession as is typical of the description found within Christian narrative.

Mother – Latoya Ammons

Furthermore, a number of the symptoms (i.e. ‘floating’, ‘levitation’ and ‘growling’, etc), happened in front of Social Workers and was recorded. I think they suspected Munchhausen by Proxy, or some such motherly interference – but this could not be proven. The mother concerned, was not overly religious and was never found guilty of any form of child abuse – and yet the US Authorities did punish her by taking her children off of her! This is despite the fact that ‘White’ police officers whilst visiting the home also witnessed this odd behaviour of the young child! The family was eventually reunited whilst living in a new home – following the mother being accused of not ensuring that her children properly attend school. A film was made of this incident in 2018 (Demon House) but I suspect that if this had been a ‘White’ family – they would be mega-media stars by now, making a tidy living out of their experiences! 

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