Rejecting Rickey Gervais and his Anti-China Racism

Down with All Racism

Rickey Gervais has made a career of camouflaging his quite natural and entirely casual racist attitudes as ‘humour’ – and on occasion – as ‘informed’ opinion. Rickey Gervais is an odious slug of a man – barely a man at all in fact – who does not possess the intelligence to understand the racism he expresses. He possesses no real talent and has become rich and famous in an age that rewards mundanity and those who appear to express a seam of prevalent (ignorant) opinion held throughout British society. He has no genuine knowledge of the history or culture of China, and has continuously sided with the right-wing in its ahistorical and anti-intellectual interpretation of China, which has more in common with Hitler’s Mein Kampf than National Geographic!  

The Chinese People Reject All Racism!

For Rickey Gervais, chooses to perceive China through the distorted filter of Eurocentric racism, and US Cold War propaganda. He views the wealth that this capitalist society has heaped upon him as a validation of the racist views he holds. The British mainstream media continuously broadcasts his ‘disguised’ racism as if its inherent (and obvious) ignorance is somehow a product of a well-considered and researched conclusion – arrived at after many years of study and consideration! In reality, those who encourage and support Rickey Gervais secretly understand that his opinions are ‘racist’ – but they are happy to pay along with this charade – and remain ‘silent’ about the psychological, emotional and physical damage this type of racism inflicts upon the ethnic Chinese people, and the young people of Britain who are exposed to the racist opinions of Rickey Gervais which are presented as ‘harmless’ or even ‘humorous’ aspects of entertainment!  

All People Must Join Together to Fight Racism!

The conditioned ignorance of Rickey Gervais perpetuates the usual ‘fascist’ opinions that lay as the foundation of all anti-China racism. Education is the key to acknowledging and deconstructing of this type of reason – as the ‘reality’ of life in Mainland China immediately contradicts the ignorance of Rickey Gervais. China is rapidly becoming one of the richest and happiest countries in the world. These changes have happened very quickly since 1949 under the guidance of the Communist Party of China. The Chinese people are ‘Socialist’ today and Ricky Gervais does not like it. The Chinese people control their own lives today (free of Western racism) – and Rickey Gervais does not like it. The Chinese people work very hard and are preparing the country for an affluent ‘Socialism’ – and Rickey Gervais does not like it.  

Reality is a Harmonious Balance

The Chinese people are working hard in the development of science and technology and will soon send female Cosmonauts to the Moon and to Mars – and Rickey Gervais does not like this. The Chinese people are kind and caring to animals – and Rickey Gervais does not like this. The Chinese people welcome the foreign companies that open their stores and factories within China – and Rickey Gervais does not like it. The workers in China possess every ‘right’ in employment, health, education and housing – and Rickey Gervais does not like it. As China is a ‘Socialist’ country that has abolished the very injustice of capitalism that has rewarded Rickey Gervais to such a high degree. China welcomes everyone from around the world to come and see our country! You will then understand that Rickey Gervais uses his fame to perpetuate the anti-China racism he so much adores! Join with the Chinese people and we can fight fascism together!  

Unite and Fight Together!

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