Instructions from a Political Commissar:

The Proletariat has the Right to ‘Self-Defence’!

1) Represent the Proletariat through the ideology of Marxist-Leninism. 

2) Fight the injustices of predatory capitalism 

3) Fight fascism (capitalism in decline). 

4) Fight Trotskyism – a deceptive expression of capitalism and fascism. 

5) Facilitate the study of Classical Marxism – i.e., the Scientific Socialism of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. 

Educate the Proletariat!

6) Encourage the study (and discussion) of Marxist-Leninism. 

7) Encourage integrity with academia and the recording of the history of the Soviet Union. 

8) Facilitate the correct study of Communist China, North Kore, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos, etc. 

9) Honestly criticise the bourgeois (US) distortion of history regarding the history and ideology of Communism. 

10) Reach-out to the Proletariat using all available technology (such a the internet). 

Marxist-Leninism is the Essence of Reality!

11) Remember the Soviet suffering, the Soviet sacrifice and the Soviet Victory over fascism in 1945! 

12) Never allow the bourgeois historians to conflate Stalin with Hitler and the USSR with Nazi Germany! 

13) Campaign to preserve statues of Lenin and Stalin place throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. 

14) Educate the Proletariat to help one another and yet to be as self-sufficient as possible. 

15) Protect the weak, injured, the elderly, the disabled and infirm.   

Working-Class Bravery is Always Rewarded!

16) Teach children to be kind to one another, toward nature and toward animal life. 

17) Encourage an interest in Space Exploration and the possibility of travelling to other planets. 

18) Protect the rights of the Proletariat – their freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of choice, etc. 

19) Encourage women to excel and teach men to support and encourage women.  

20) Encourage the Proletariat to be enthused with the spirit of progressive education! 

All Are ‘Equal’ Under Communism!

21) Encourage the formation of an eternal Red Army tasked with ‘Liberating’ humanity from oppression! 

Adrian Chan-Wyles (2.11.2020) 

Communist Party of China

Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Communit Party International (Bolshevik) UK

Lenin Explains Reality!


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