Email: The Hitlerite Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset (13.10.2020)

Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Dear Gillian (From Adrian)

I like your turn of phrase – and the article you forwarded is excellent – I will share on my blog. Huawei feeds a steady stream of centre and centre-left news (through their browser) from the available mainstream rags. Considering the crap they have to wade through – they do a generally good job of undermining the capitalist establishment by using its own bias media against itself (including as occasional ‘anti-China’ article for good measure – often published by the Guardian). Hence the ‘Evening Standard’ I forward recently. Everything has a political context and after about 5 years of boycotting the Western media, Huawei has enabled me to re-engage the lion’s den in a format I can at least tolerate. As you know, Huawei is being terribly oppressed by the US fascist government at the moment, and everything it does is being scrutinised. I am read Timur Vermes’s (2012) book entitled ‘Looks Whose Back’ at the moment. Hitler wakes up in a Berlin in 2010 covered in petrol and with a terrible headache… He slowly integrates himself back into German society and finds that people still ‘listen’ to a) what he has to say, and b) are ‘moved’ by the way he says it. He cannot believe that modern German people spend more time ‘separating their rubbish’, than they do ‘separating their races’. Although very funny – it is also incredibly poignant – as we learn how Hitler used to think and speak (translated into English – usually a big ‘no no’). 

Dear Adrian (From Gillian)

Whilst the Americans are stupid enough to blame the Chinese for everything they aren’t balming the Russians for, this is what is really going on and the reason why the covid pantomine is being extended and mismanaged in the West.

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