Email: The Cesspit of Capitalism (11.10.2020)

US Air Force Bombs a School in Vietnam

Dear Gillian

The reason is simple and straight forward. The inequalities and injustices implicit within the division of labour of predatory capitalism is cleverly blamed upon those who are subject to their machinations. This is the classic ‘blame the victim’ strategy which although is nothing but a straw dog fallacy – is highly effective when used by those who possess all the power on those who possess none. Capitalism privileges the few and exploits the masses. The masses do most of the work (earning profit), earn most of the leisure time and pay most of the taxation – whilst most of this is stolen from them and shifted into the pockets of those who own the means of production and control the political system, military and media, etc. Poverty has to happen within a capitalist society. It can never be eradicated but only relieved from time to time by charities which perpetuate the rhetoric of ‘fighting poverty’ whilst fully expecting it to last forever. Charities are just more businesses within capitalism and only exist within capitalism. Poor people are historically impoverished by the capitalist system – but the US system firmly blames each and every individual who starves as being a victim of their own laziness. This totalitarian attitude keeps poor people desperate for any type of work no matter how bad the conditions are, how low the pay is, or how undignified the work is – hence pornography and prostitution and drug-taking, etc. US capitalism will never admit its own inequalities as this would be viewed as a dangerous move toward Socialism! It is better and more productive to ‘blame’ the poor for the poverty the capitalist system inflicts upon them because the bourgeoisie firmly believes this false rhetoric to be true! Getting a demeaning and poor-paying job may stop you starving – but it does not prevent the bourgeoisie from exploiting you! Working to eat is working to fill the pockets of the rich – the very people who do not need more money or influence! Life is so much better in North Korea and China. I keep getting offered houses (free), a lump sum and a very good salary if I moved with my family to Beijing as a reward for my loyalty to Socialism! Capitalism is a cesspit of lying, murder and evil. 

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